Bathroom taps are some of the easiest ways to swiftly upgrade a bathroom. Though a small addition, as essential bathroom fittings, new bathroom taps can transform the look and feel of this space. And, with autumn on the way, now’s the perfect time to consider saying goodbye to those worn-out bathroom taps and hello to fresh new ones.
As we start switching the lights on earlier in this room, many of us will also be spending more time soaking in the tub. So, new taps are an inexpensive way of preparing your bathroom for the upcoming changing season.
Here, The Bathroom Showroom shows how easy it is to swap out and upgrade your bathroom taps when they no longer shine like new, giving your room a well-deserved lift.

What Types of Bathroom Taps Are Available?

There are so many different styles of bathroom taps available. From those designed for the basin to those designed for the bath to modern brassware or traditional brassware.
Then there’s a certain type to choose from that most homeowners tend to choose based on personal preference. This includes mixer taps, monobloc taps, pillar taps, filler taps, wall-mounted taps, and floor-mounted taps to name just a few! 

How to Choose Taps for Improved Bathroom Design

The best bathroom taps will help you improve your bathroom design with ease and inspire a bathroom refresh. If it’s all about style, then a good tap choice can help whether you want to match or contrast, highlight or complement your current bathroom décor. 
Some of the most popular designs in bathroom taps right now include black, gold, and brass finishes. These tap types are perfect for highlighting the basin and bath area and work exceptionally well with all bathroom styles. The Bathroom Showroom is proud to showcase several sought-after taps from these ranges.
Bathroom Taps Black
Black bathroom taps are modern, always on trend and simply ooze style. With some of the most aesthetically pleasing taps available, adding black hues to the bathroom makes a spectacular statement.
Complementing just about any bathroom style, black taps can also be considered timeless boasting elegance while instantly transforming your bath or basin. These are also some of the easier taps to clean and keep looking new for longer.
The Bathroom Showroom offers several tap ranges that feature black bathroom taps including the Methven Amio, Roca Ona, Roca Carelia, Crosswater MPRO, Crosswater Glide II, Crosswater MPRO Industrial, and the Crosswater MPRO Crosshead.
Bathroom Taps Gold
Gold bathroom taps are timeless, understated and the epitome of luxury. Promoting the look of sheer sophistication, adding gold taps to your bathroom combines the present with the past while ensuring a stylish and chic finish in the process.
Gold taps beautifully complement sleek light bathrooms adding a creative addition to the space. Yet, equally a gold tap choice works well in offsetting those darker bathroom décors. 
The Bathroom Showroom has a selection of several tap ranges that feature gold bathroom taps including the stunning-looking rose gold tap from the Roca Ona collection which features an Everlux PVD finishing. 
Bathroom Taps Brass
Brass bathroom taps are known and loved for their ability to bring instant warmth to the room. Elegant statement pieces, brushed brass offer a timeless and classic look that can boost the décor of both traditional and modern bathrooms.
Promoting a more unique colouring choice, brass taps are fantastically durable, making them ideal for many homes. Working well as both bath and basin taps, brass undeniably adds a touch of richness to bathroom décor.
The Bathroom Showroom offers several tap collections that feature brass bathroom taps including the Crosswater MPRO, Crosswater Glide II, Crosswater MPRO Industrial, Crosswater Union, and the Crosswater MPRO Crosshead.

Bathroom Taps Greatly Help Enhance Your Bathroom’s Aesthetic

With autumn signifying change, now may be the perfect time to consider a new bathroom tap and bid farewell to those worn-out bathroom fittings.
If you’re considering buying new bathroom taps, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.