With many of us trying to make our bathrooms more functional, wall-hung bathroom furniture is a fantastic design choice solution. Streamlined, multi-purpose, and stunning, adding wall-hung furniture to the bathroom can invigorate your bathroom space bringing with it many additional advantages.
The Bathroom Showroom looks at the rising popularity of wall-hung bathroom furniture. Taking a look at its construction, availability, and advantages we highlight the immediate benefits of choosing wall-hung bathroom suites for your own space.

What Is Wall Hung Bathroom Furniture?

Wall-hung furniture is simply furniture designed to be attached to a wall or hung from it. This means it’s taken off the floor and suspended at a height to suit. The effect is an illusion of floating and an increased floor area as your bathroom is opened up.
There are several wall-hung furniture types available for the bathroom including, wall hung toilets, wall-hung basins, and wall-hung units.
A wall-hung toilet is a streamlined fixture as not only does the toilet itself sit off the floor, all the pipes and fittings and even the cistern are hidden in the wall. 
A wall-hung basin is a floating fixture that is mounted to the wall using wall-fixing bolts. These choices can also be placed onto wall-hung vanity units to complete the look, thus hiding all the pipework.
A wall-hung unit, or a wall-hung vanity unit, is a clever floating unit that offers a superb storage solution in the bathroom. Thoroughly practical, they can be used on their own or hold a wall-hung basin, thus increasing their functionality.

Why is Wall Hung Bathroom Furniture So Popular?

There are several reasons why wall-hung bathroom furniture is so popular when creating a dream bathroom, including:
  • Wall-hung bathroom furniture is perfect for small bathrooms as it creates the illusion of space. As the light is allowed to flow uninterrupted underneath these units, it can help greatly to open up the room and allow light to stream freely through it.
  • Wall-hung bathroom furniture also works well for large bathroom designs as it promotes a modern streamlined look thus allowing you more space to either move around the room or add more fixtures and fittings to suit.
  • Wall-hung units help keep the floor free from clutter and dirt and are therefore easier to manoeuvre around when it comes to cleaning underneath them. This allows you to cut your cleaning time down significantly
  • Wall-hung units are available in a wide range of designs, whether traditional, contemporary, or modern. This means they work well in all bathroom decors.
  • Wall-hung vanity units can be modified to create a most personalised but thoroughly practical space. Offering a place for items usually left on and around the basin, a wall-hung unit fitted under the basin provides the perfect space for essential bathroom items while keeping them out of view.
  • Wall-hung furniture can be used to create a brand-new bathroom design or chosen to swiftly update the space. It can also be used as a focal point in the room to make a design statement. 

Choose The Bathroom Showroom for Your Wall Hung Bathroom Furniture Requirements

Here at The Bathroom Showroom, we’re proud to offer many sought-after wall-hung units to suit all individual requirements. 
From the iflo Rhea Furniture Collection, you can opt for a thoroughly modern wall-hung toilet, a wall-hung unit, and a vanity wash basin that can be placed on the wall-hung unit. 
The iflo Serino Furniture Collection, Roca The Gap Collection, and the Ideal Standard S Collection also boast streamlined wall-hung toilets, while the iflo Galene Collection and iflo Trapini promote a spectacular selection of wall-hung unit choices.

Bathroom Wall Hung Units Are a Stylish and Stunning Addition to This Space

A superb way of elevating both the space and the entire feel of your bathroom, wall-hung bathroom furniture helps you to use this environment more efficiently. An incredible addition to the bathroom, their streamlined and spectacular clean-cut design features add a stunning aesthetic to all bathroom types while providing an important practical and functional element in the process. 
If you’re considering adding wall hung bathroom furniture, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.