Bathroom taps should wonderfully complement your style when choosing a new bath. But have you ever thought about adding a fabulous floor-mounted tap? A floor-mounted tap, also referred to as a floor-standing tap, certainly has the bathroom wow factor.
Though a little costlier than standard bath taps, floor-mounted taps are a sturdy long-term investment. Ultimately, they are a fabulous talking point in the room. The Bathroom Showroom looks at the many benefits of selecting a floor-mounted tap.

What Is a Floor Mounted Tap?

A floor-mounted tap is exactly that - a tap that you can mount on the floor. Floor mounted taps connect to the underfloor pipework and are fed by two pipes. 
The simplest solution is to connect a floor mounted tap to your current plumbing works. Yet, because they're also flexible when positioning, a professional can install them in a location to suit. 
Placed outside of the bath, there are two points worth noting about floor-mounted taps beforehand. One is that they do require a higher water pressure level in operation. Secondly, because of the additional space needed, you’ll need to account for this when planning your bathroom design.

What Baths Do Floor Mounted Taps Work Best With?

The most common bath choices for floor-standing bath taps are free-standing baths. In fact, you could say floor-mounted taps are designed with free-standing baths in mind. These bath types also strive to be the centre of attention in every bathroom.
Free-standing baths offer you control over where to position them in the room. And, so too does a free-standing floor-mounted tap.
The undeniable appeal of a free-standing bath is that it adds a luxurious touch to a bathroom. A statement piece and work of art, the best free-standing baths are more spacious and decorative. So, if you’re looking for a magnificent bath tap to finish your freestanding-bath, a floor-mounted tap is designed perfectly for this purpose.

The Many Benefits of Floor Mounted Taps

  • These taps can be positioned at either end of the bath or in the middle
  • You can operate these taps whether you are in or out of the bath
  • As floor-mounted taps sit outside of the bath, they free up more room in the bath itself
  • When you lie back to relax in the bath, you have no annoying taps to catch your head on
  • A romantic bath doesn't have to become a battle for the end without the taps when sharing with your other half 
  • Floor mounted taps are easily installed into existing plumbing works
  • If you want to change the positioning of these taps the job can be done swiftly by a  professional
  • Floor mounted taps offer more scope and flexibility when designing your dream bathroom layout
  • A floor-mounted tap is a standout feature in any bathroom as they make sensational focal pieces
  • These bathroom taps are sturdy and durable and therefore last for many years
  • They can be paired with any style of bathroom. From modern, to classical and traditional, floor-mounted taps work well with all coloured bathroom suites

The Crosswater MPRO Freestanding Bath Shower Mixer

The Bathroom Showroom showcases a floor-mounted bath shower mixer from the fantastic Crosswater MPRO brand.
Suitable for both high and low-pressure systems, this is a bath shower mixer choice. With such a combination, not only do you benefit from a bath filler tap, but also a shower handset. 
Delivering on function, style, and quality, this is a fabulous investment piece. The precision engineering that goes into the construction of this tap makes for a long-lasting bathroom product. This means you can enjoy this floor-standing choice for many years to come.
As well as looking spectacular, the fabulous thing about the Crosswater MRPO is that it works with all bathroom suites. This is thanks to the various colour choices available.  
Why not try the Chrome floor standing bath shower mixer for a contemporary style bathroom? Those traditional bathroom suites will benefit greatly from a Brushed Steel or Brushed Brass choice. Whereas the Matt Black tap choice here is perfectly suited for those modern bathroom suites. 

Floor Mounted Taps Provide Fabulous Bathroom Inspiration

Combining functionality and practicality with undisputed style, floor-mounted taps offer a wealth of benefits while making your bathroom the talk of the town.
The perfect addition for a freestanding bath suite, if you're looking for new bathroom taps, why not consider a floor-mounted choice?
If you'd like to add a floor mounted tap, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.