Though spring is well and truly underway, many of us want to preserve the calmness found during those long winter days and nights. Yet, with this new bustling season comes a busier bathroom space that may need a few tweaks before it can be thoroughly enjoyed. 
We all deserve a bathroom to retreat to at the end of every busy day, a space to relax and gather our thoughts. So, before you put up that do not disturb sign, The Bathroom Showroom offers five quick and easy tips to ensure your bathroom is the penultimate relaxing space.

How to Create a Relaxing Bathroom in 5 Easy Steps

1. Ensure Your Bathroom Is Looking Its Very Best
Before most of us can even think about relaxing, the state of our bathroom will need to be addressed. This is especially so if you have a high-traffic space and lots of things have been left out! 
Start by doing a quick five-minute clean-up, putting things back into their correct places, and making the room clutter free for your time in it. This needn’t be a long-winded task, just enough to clean the surfaces so you aren't distracted when trying to wind down. 
If you find that you’re struggling with storage space in the bathroom, take a look at some of your helpful storage solutions.
2. Create an Inviting Bathroom Aroma 
Another amazing way of creating an instantly inviting space is to promote a scented bathroom. A welcoming scent will make you want to spend time in this room, create a place you’ll be happy to wile away the hours, and ultimately cement an association between relaxation and your bathroom.
There are several easy ways to add scent to your bathroom, whether through scented candles, potpourri, reed diffusers, incense sticks, and even specific plants. Better still, by being mindful of the scent you use, you can attune your aroma to your relaxing session. 
So, for example, if you want to feel rejuvenated after this session, an invigorating scent will work well here. Or, you may well want to tend to your well-being and select a scent that works on calming your mind and body. 
3. Set the Tone With Lighting and Music Choices
A bathroom wouldn't be relaxing without the ability to lower the lighting and create the most calming atmosphere. Most bathroom lighting is bright, to ensure we can see properly and get ready for the day ahead with ease. Yet, when it comes to unwinding, such starkness needs to be replaced with a duller light choice to help set the tone. 
Though some people try to achieve this ambience through the use of candles, there is a much safer way to do this. A Hib Ceiling Light like the Rhythm model is a colour temperature-changing light offering no less than 12 colour choices. With a remote control or Bluetooth operation, the Rhythm also lets you play your favourite music through its 6w speaker. So, you can set the scene for the most calming of environments with ease.
5. Create the Most Relaxing Bath Time
When you've created the right relaxing atmosphere, now’s the time to pay attention to your bath. With an array of wonderful relaxing bath products available, creating a well-deserved retreat in the bathtub is the easy part! 
From aromatherapy to milk baths, bath bombs to detox baths, this is the time you can go to town and make this time all about you. 
A super relaxing bath is one where you’re able to switch off to those every day outside woes and make this time all about you. This could mean anything from spending a little more on those luxurious bath products, investing in a bath tray or pillow, reading a book while bathing, or singing along to your favourite playlist. Whatever makes you calmest, happiest, and at peace during this ‘me time’ is the most valuable of all. 

Relaxing in the Bathroom Can Significantly Improve Your Overall Well Being

As well as making you appreciate your bathroom and enjoy spending more time in it, being able to relax in this room can work wonders for your well-being. When life gets hectic and at times overwhelming, having a sanctuary or a place to unwind and devote to self-care allows you to recoup and rejuvenate. Best of all, a relaxing bathroom costs very little to create, yet offers substantial rewards long-term.
If you're looking for further ways to make the most of your bath time and bathroom, take a look at both our Blog and Rest & Relaxation section for valuable help, tips, and guidance.