Have you ever returned home from a spa day and wanted to recreate that spa-like feeling in your bathroom? Spas are the ultimate places for relaxing and unwinding, but understandably many of us find that the time in between waiting to revisit them is far too long! Fortunately, there are several ideas that we can take from the experts when creating a spa-like bathroom for ourselves. From selecting the most relaxing decor to getting the temperature spot on, there are several tricks of the trade all spas employ for maximum tranquillity during spa sessions. Here we part with no less than nine spa secrets that we can all use as bathroom inspiration to get the best results from our spa-style bathroom.

1. Keep The Bathroom Clutter-Free

As soon as you step into a spa, the sense of spaciousness is immediate. Spas are free of clutter, and everything has its place, which works to clear the mind instantly. 
So, copy this move in your bathroom and put as much stuff away as you can. Clear the clutter by selecting clever storage solutions for this room, like those from the iflo Rhea furniture collection.
The trick here is to hide any items you don't need for your home spa sessions. This includes on the counters, around the bath, on the floor, basin, and toilet areas. By clearing your bathroom, you can relax in the bath and truly unwind without getting distracted by any mess around you.

2. Select a Calm Colour Scheme

Colour plays a powerful role in determining the atmosphere of your bathroom. For this reason, you'll note that spas tend to use creams, yellows, browns, and light colours that are tranquil and don’t distract or energise. 
We’ve spoken before on The Bathroom Showroom blog about using colour to create a calm bathroom environment. So, by copying the colours used in your favourite spas, you immediately get the right balance. 
If decorating your bathroom like a spar isn’t a possibility just yet, you can always incorporate such colours elsewhere. Try adding calming colour choices through towels, bath sets, bath accessories, lights, and even to your blinds or window coverings.

3. Use Mood-Enhancing Lighting

Spas always have a selection of lighting choices dotted around the building that create different moods in specific rooms. Most of these light choices are chosen to calm spa-goers while reducing their breathing and heart rate. 
Choosing spa-inspired lighting on a budget can be as simple as using spa bath lights to dimmer switches that get the balance of light to your specific liking. However, for that touch of elegance that spas seem to get so right when making you feel at ease, a multi-purpose choice of ceiling light like the Hib Rhythm is a financially savvy decision here. This light choice controls all your lighting and music choices with colour temp changes available for the ultimate spa session.

4. Add Inspiring Finishing Touches

Another wonderful idea that spas do so well is to add various artwork and plants throughout their rooms. This is something we can all copy to some extent in our bathrooms with ease. Luscious green plants and inspirational art pieces serve a purpose as they are visually captivating.
Plants bring a touch of nature to the bathroom and can be displayed to add a beautiful balance to this room. Whether it's hanging baskets, vines trailing down shelves, or potted plants on the floor, counters, and ledges, select those plants that thrive in the bathroom environment.
Your favourite artwork or art pieces that lift your spirits can work wonders in a spa-like bathroom. These can be further highlighted by dimmable downlights from the Pro Light range. So, when you lower the lighting of the main bathroom, these pieces are lit up for you to continue admiring as you soak in the tub.

5. Keep the Temperature Consistent

You may well notice that during a spa session, the temperature is turned slightly higher than usual. The reason for this is to ensure that no one gets cold during their spa treatments. 
Keeping the temperature at an agreeable level should be easier to manage in your bathroom if you keep the door shut and maintain a consistent temperature throughout your spa sessions. 
Adding large fluffy rugs and bath mats can increase this sense of warmth. The goal here is to remain comfortable throughout your pampering time.

6. Add a Selection of Scents

Another tool that spas use to create a sense of ambience is scent. An inviting, soothing aroma is also something that will hit you as soon as you walk through their doors.
Whether this means using candles, aromatherapy, diffusers, or sprays, the best-chosen scents are powerful enough to calm the mind. 
From lavender and mint to vanilla, jasmine, and rose, by selecting those potent scents that you regularly come across when you visit a spa, you’ll be transported back there when using it in your bathroom, getting into that spa-like mindset immediately.

7. Play Some Relaxing Music

Spas tend to take their music cue from relaxing sound effects. These include sounds of the sea, crashing waves, rainfall, birdsong, or simple instrumental compilations. 
When creating a spa-like bathroom at home, you’re in control of your music choices. You may decide to play your music through your Hib Rhythm Bluetooth light or opt for a Bluetooth mirror.
Compile a spa music list and hit play on this each time you enter your spa-like bathroom, immediately telling your brain this is your downtime.

8. Get Yourself Organised

When visiting a spa, the staff are never unprepared when you turn up for your session. So by getting your bathroom prepared and your products at the ready, you too can get started on your pampering session as soon as you close your bathroom door.
Make sure you have everything to hand, including those all-important self-care products. From your face mask, ointment, cleanser, toner, and moisturiser to body scrub, exfoliating mitt, and bath salts, place them into easy-to-reach trays or baskets.

9. Don’t forget the robe

Finally, a spa wouldn’t be complete with complementary fluffy oversized towels, fluffy slippers, and that penultimate fluffy robe.
Yet, one way to ensure you feel spa-like in your bathroom is to select a poignant washing scent and keep it, especially for these spa bathroom accessories.
Having a specific calming aroma on your towelling robe, towels, and even slippers can keep you in that spa headspace for a little longer when you step out of your bathroom. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can always add a couple of drops of your favourite essential oils to your towels and warm them up, ready for a thoroughly toasty effect when you reach for them. 

Take Spa-Like Tips From The Experts

Creating a spa-inspired bathroom doesn't have to cost a lot. Neither does this bathroom design require a dramatic makeover. By making just a few changes and adjustments, you too can have an enviable soothing, and harmonious environment.
For further inspiration when designing your bathroom layout, look at our article on transforming your bathroom into a luxury spa for more fabulous ideas. Or, check out our Rest and Relaxation blog section for more bathroom ideas.