Are you looking to change your bathroom tiles to give this space a fresh look? Perhaps you’re keen to try a section of focal bathroom tiles in this room for the first time to achieve a specific look. Whatever your reason, choosing the best bathroom tiles can really enhance the entire décor of this room. 
One effective and indeed fun way to plan and visualise how your new bathroom tiles will look is to create a dazzling bathroom tile mood board. Helping you gather and organise ideas for your bathroom design, a mood board is a fantastic visual aid that's especially helpful when selecting tiles for a bathroom project. 
Here, at The Bathroom Showroom, we help guide you through the process of creating a stunning bathroom tile mood board that will inspire and guide your design choices.

Why Create a Bathroom Tile Mood Board?

Designing a bathroom can be overwhelming with the vast array of bathroom tiles available on the market. Tile mood boards work to help you narrow down your choices by allowing you to see different tile patterns, colours, designs, and how they work together.
By visually organising your ideas, you can ensure your bathroom design is cohesive and harmonious.

 The Importance of a Bathroom Tile Mood Board

  1. Inspiration: Mood boards serve as a source of inspiration for everyone using them. By compiling images, colours, and textures that resonate with the project's theme, you can spark your creativity and generate fresh ideas.
  2. Visualisation: Mood boards help visualise the overall look and feel of a project. By seeing all the elements together in one place, you can ensure that the design direction is cohesive and aligned with the project's goals.
  3. Communication: Mood boards are an effective tool for communicating ideas with others. Instead of trying to explain ideas verbally, you can use visual cues on a mood board to convey your vision clearly and concisely.
  4. Decision Making: When faced with multiple design options, a mood board can help make informed decisions. By comparing different combinations of images, colours, and textures, you can choose the best direction for the project.
  5. Consistency: Maintaining consistency throughout your bathroom project is key to creating a cohesive design. Mood boards act as a reference point that homeowners can revisit to ensure that all design elements align with the project's initial concept.

How to Create a Mood Board for Your Bathroom Tile Scheme

  • Getting Started: Gather Inspiration
Before you start creating your bathroom tile mood board, gather inspiration from various sources such as design magazines, websites, bathroom experts, and social media platforms like Pinterest
Look out for images, colours, and textures that inspire you and resonate with the project's theme and with your personal style and taste. Save them to refer back to later. This will help you determine the colour scheme, pattern, and texture you want to incorporate into your bathroom design.
  • Use Online Tools: Creating Your Mood Board
Once you have gathered your inspiration, it's time to create your bathroom tile mood board. You can do this either digitally using design software or physically using a corkboard, poster board, and glue. 
There are plenty of online tools available that make creating mood boards a breeze. Platforms like Canva, Pinterest, and Adobe Spark offer templates and resources to streamline the process. Whatever your preference, highlighting the elements on a digital or physical board works well at creating a visually appealing composition. 
Arrange your chosen tile samples, colour swatches, and inspirational images on the board to see how they work together. Play around with different combinations until you find a cohesive and visually pleasing design.
  • Finalising Your Design
When you've created your bathroom tile mood board, take a step back to review, refine, edit, and simply access the overall view.
Make any necessary adjustments to ensure that the elements work together harmoniously. Does the colour scheme flow seamlessly? Do the patterns and textures complement each other?
Make any necessary adjustments until you are satisfied with the final design. Remember, your mood board is a tool to guide you through the decision-making process, so feel free to experiment and explore different options.
  • Choose the Right Tiles
Once you’ve gathered your inspiration and are happy with your mood board, it's time to start choosing the best bathroom tiles for your space.
By this stage, hopefully, you should be feeling confident about your perfect design scheme and be able to pick those tiles that work both for your bathroom and also to suit your personal preferences.

Get Your New Bathroom Project Started with a Bathroom Tile Mood Board

Creating a dazzling bathroom tile mood board is a fun and creative way to plan your bathroom project, no matter how big or small. By gathering inspiration, and assembling your mood board, you can design a bathroom that brings your style and taste to life, and all by choosing those best bathroom tiles that complete the look. 
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