As we move into the remaining weeks of summer, many of us will be looking to prolong that holiday feeling! This is especially so if you've stayed in a beautiful hotel over the summertime and are hankering for that five-star living. 
Fortunately, it’s never been easier to style a bathroom like a hotel. With a few tips and tricks of the trade, you could soon be recreating that hotel-esq experience in your own bathroom. 
Here, The Bathroom Showroom offers a quick but handy guide to help you extend that holiday mode for as long as possible.

How Do I Make My Bathroom Look Like a Luxury Hotel?

The key to recreating a hotel bathroom style is in the choice of luxurious décor, fixtures and fittings. Hotel bathrooms radiate luxury and are the epitome of sleekness, chicness and opulence. A stunning combination of modern glamour, hotel-style bathrooms suggest a modern and contemporary design of bathroom décor. Yet, for many, this type of bathroom can also be all about the exquisite bathroom extras that add that perfect sought-after finishing touch.

3 Quick Ways to Create Your Own Hotel Bathroom

Make Your Bathroom Shine 
Most hotel bathrooms create a statement with their striking use and blend of colours between the fixtures and fittings. As monochrome remains a popular design choice, the trick here is to opt for statement white bathroom furniture and pair it with black wall panels, a black mirror, or a scattering of black tiles. 
Here at The Bathroom Showroom, we love the combination of a striking white angular acrylic bath, like the Roca Sureste, encapsulated by mesmerising wall panels in Twilight from Multipanel. 
The Roca Sureste is a bath and baseboard that's fully encapsulated in fibreglass. An acyclic material, not only is this a practical bathing solution but finished with chrome plated side grips, these complete that hotel look perfectly. What’s more, the dazzling displays from Multipanel’s Twilight panels add a focal point that makes this combination the epitome of luxury.
Consider Tiling Your Bathroom All Over
Some hotels prefer to go for an all-over tile effect in their bathrooms. A great way of promoting that clean and sleek look, titling a bathroom completely can greatly help promote an increased sense of luxury. Tiled bathrooms are also more manageable to clean and maintain long-term. 
The Bathroom Showroom has an amazing vast selection of sought-after tiles. With many options in patterns, colours, shapes, and styles, you can instantly enhance your bathroom's décor by taking advantage of our many current bathroom trends.
We love the Natural Materials Tile Trend. This uses a combination of soft colours and a mixture of natural materials including stone, world, and marble. Promoting a most elegant yet natural feel, this trend also works wonderfully well with matt black fixtures to finish.
The Rockingham is a wood effect porcelain tile that helps create statement feature walls and floors with its contemporary distressed wood effect. Yet, if it’s a specific zone of the bathroom you’re looking to tile, the Splitface Effect tile is the perfect choice for creating a dramatic feature wall. 
Go Freestanding With Your Bathroom Fixtures
For the penultimate in hotel bathrooms, those freestanding baths and taps certainly lend a five-star boutique feel to this space. By making your bath and taps the focal point of the room, you can instantly create an awe-inspiring bathroom that everyone will be queuing up to use!
At The Bathroom Showroom, we adore the on-trend and metallic effect finish of the Heritage Hylon bath. A traditional freestanding bath, this bathroom fixture is the quintessential of hotel luxury with its choice of copper-gold or stainless steel choices. Beautifully shaped to promote the most relaxing of all bathing sessions, this bath choice is certainly the talk of the town!
To finish this look perfectly, why not add a floor-mounted tap? The Crosswater MPRO Floor Standing Bath Shower Mixer is a contemporary design choice that hugely complements a freestanding bath. Offering the wow factor, floor-mounted taps allow for more control over positioning in this room while freeing up more bath space!

Hotel-Style Bathroom Ideas to Transform Your Space

Maximising space, promoting cleanliness and freshness while enhancing some of the most fabulous elements of bathroom design, a hotel-style bathroom is easily achievable no matter what your size of bathroom.
By creating a hotel-esq bathroom space, that wonderful holiday feeling will remain yours throughout the year, even when your vacation is long over. 
If you’re looking to design your very own hotel-style bathroom, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.