There's nothing like a luxurious soak in the bath at the end of a long hard day! A way to relax and unwind, when you create the perfect bathroom environment, a long soak in the tub is the ultimate indulgence. Yet, if you’re looking to get the most from your bath, then adding carefully chosen bath salts to your water will greatly enhance these sessions. Here we offer a quick guide to bath salts with advice on types of bath salts along with several bath salt benefits.

What Are Bath Salts?

Bath salts are granular mineral salts, often fragranced, that are added to bathwater.
Though they have the word salt in their description, this salt is not your usual table salt. Bath salt contains a high mineral concentration. This mineral composition is responsible for the many benefits found in bath salts.

The 3 Essential Bath Salts

Three common bath salts are popular choices when getting the maximum of benefits. These include Epsom salt, Dead Sea salt and Himalayan salt.

1. Epsom Salt: 

Perhaps the bath salt type closely resembling table salt is Epsom bath salt. 
Epsom salt is a pure mineral compound in the crystal form of magnesium sulphate. However, the difference between Epsom salt and table salt is that it has no sodium chloride. 
Epsom salt is a popular, natural choice for bath salt, especially in body soaks and bath scrubs. This is thanks to its magnesium levels. As it works on making bathwater therapeutic, Epsom salt is ideal for relieving muscle pain and cramps. That's why it's favoured by those after playing sports. Additionally, Epsom salt is believed to rid the body of unwanted toxins.

2. Dead Sea Salt:

Once considered a favourite bath salt choice by Cleopatra, many people claim this wonderful ancient salt offers several benefits. 
Taken from the Dead Sea, everything that this salt is compressed from has a healing benefit. Dead Sea Salt differs from other sea salts thanks to its mineral content. Made up of sodium chloride, it also boasts high levels of magnesium, sulphate, and potassium. 
With such a high mineral content, along with elements of calcium, Dead Sea Salt is a fabulous healing salt choice and highly recommended for its therapeutic experience. This salt is also favoured as a cleansing and detoxification bath salt and body scrub.

3. Himalayan Salt: 

You may have heard Himalayan salt referred to as pink gold. This is thanks to its visually attractive pink colour. 
Himalayan salt remains a popular choice for many bath salt lovers thanks to its low magnesium levels and elements of iron. One of the most beneficial bath salts, Himalayan salt is a more natural source of salt. This means it hasn’t been refined or enriched with any additional iodine or agents. 
This salt choice tends to be a good option for many skin types as it works well at balancing the body’s pH levels. Many people choose Himalayan bath salts for their ability to work at improving body circulation while lowering blood pressure levels.

What Are the Benefits of Bath Salts?

There are several benefits of using bath salts when having a relaxing soak in the bath.
Not only do they add a bit of luxury and encourage a spa-like feel to the bath itself, but regarding health and skin, they also offer additional advantages, including:
Softening, moisturising, and improving the skin: Whereas some people tend to find having a bath can dry out the skin, bath salts work to restore the skin. During a soak with bath salts, the skin is conditioned and exfoliated. The skin can then heal and rejuvenate and, when you step out of the bath, it’s kept moisturised like a barrier, preventing any dryness. A Dead Sea Salt bath is great when helping calm irritated skin.
Reducing stress levels: Bath salts are promoted for health and relaxation because they encourage wellness. This is all due to the ions created when salt is heated in water. Bath salts produce a negative ion. So, when connected with a positive ion, in the form of the body, stress is reduced. An Epsom salt bath is good at reducing stress levels as it relieves sore muscles and encourages the body to relax. 
Lowering blood pressure levels: Bath salts work well at slowing down blood circulation. Therefore, they can help lower blood pressure levels. Many people like to take a bath when they’re feeling stressed or have had a challenging day. So, adding a scoop of bath salts to the bathwater works wonders in calming down the mind and body in the process. A Himalayan salt bath is a good choice here because its properties generate a calming effect.
Bath Salt Directions
Adding bath salts to your bath for an invigorating experience couldn't be any easier. For the best results, simply add a small amount of bath salt under a warm running tap and mix them with your hand until they’re completely dissolved. Then, get into the bath, lie back and let the bath salts do their magic!
Choose Bath Salts For A Fantastic Bathing Experience
A spectacular but simple way to improve skin, body, and mind, bath salts are essential bathroom items. Fabulously improving your sense of well-being they can also make bath times a real treat and a much-needed respite at the end of a long day!
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