For some people, being able to play music in the bathroom occasionally is a great way to unwind. Yet, what many of us may not realise is that bathroom music is a powerful aid when it comes to our daily bathroom routines.
Not just a great way to unwind in the shower, music can further help us de-stress in the bath, create a sense of calmness as we get ready in the mornings, boost our mood for the day ahead, and even help us clean this room more efficiently!
Here The Bathroom Showroom explores the benefits of finding that perfect bathroom playlist, offering some bathroom inspiration to help you further enjoy this room.

The Benefits of Playing Music in the Bathroom

  • Music Creates Mindfulness 
The morning routine is for many of us one of the busiest and often most stressful of times. From prepping for the school run to getting ready on time for work, when you add in several members using the bathroom, tensions can run high. Yet, gentle soft music can help calm this space and create a more relaxed vibe. 
Likewise, when taking a relaxing bath or performing self-care tasks in this room in the evening before bed, music played here can help you unwind, de-stress and calm your nerves. This in turn leads to a more relaxed night's sleep as you're more rested while ending the day on a peaceful note. 
Music with a slower tempo helps you relax both the mind and your muscles. From classical music to gentle sounds like the forest, nature, the ocean, or even light jazz, music that creates a calming vibe can greatly help reduce breathing and heart rate.
  • Music Boosts Creativity
Upbeat happy songs can work wonders in improving your concentration and make you alert. Starting your day off the right way, playing music you enjoy when you’re preparing yourself for the day ahead can supercharge your mood and help you tackle the day the right way. It can also encourage you to focus better. 
How many of us have walked into the bathroom on autopilot only to get into the shower, hear a favourite song, and begin to sing to our heart's content? Most importantly, how many of us then step out of the shower with a more positive vibe that gives us the knowledge that we can cope with everything the day has to throw at us - and all because of one uplifting track?
Music with an upbeat tempo creates a more active and therefore alert state of mind. From energetic music with a good beat like pop to energising instrumental playlists that make you smile, music that helps release those endorphins can set the entire tone of your day.
  • Music Is a Welcome Distraction
Finally, a chore that many prefer to put off but albeit an essential one, when cleaning the bathroom, music can help you get the job done quicker and more effectively! Understandably, cleaning our bathroom can feel overwhelming, whether that’s because of the size of the task or because we’re simply not motivated when it comes to this job. But, music can help us get into the zone. 
A fabulous idea for those repetitive domestic tasks, music is scientifically proven to increase efficiency in these mundane roles. What's more, your music choices here can be anything at all that distracts you, the more beats per minute the better!
Select several songs here while sectioning the bathroom into different zones playing a different song as you work through each one. This way you create intent and can time yourself to each track. So, cleaning never has to feel like a chore, but rather a brisk beneficial workout.

Create the Perfect Bathroom Music Playlist with the Hib Rhythm

If you’re looking for a safe way to play your music in the bathroom, then the Hib Rhythm ceiling light is the perfect addition. Accessible via Bluetooth or remote control, the Hib Rhythm is a colour-changing, dimmable lighting and music fitting that boasts a 6W speaker. This allows you to play your favourite music every time you use the bathroom safely, and straight from the device. 
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