When adding stunning new bathroom taps, you’ll want to make sure they remain looking as good as new long-term. Your choice of tap can greatly complete the look of your dream bathroom. So understandably, cleaning is a priority here in helping you maintain that sparkling new look. 
Yet, with such a wide range of taps and several material choices available, ensuring the right cleaning process is crucial when caring for your bathroom taps long-term.
Here, The Bathroom Showroom provides a valuable guide that will help you select the right cleaning product for your taps while cleaning and caring for them for many years to come.

The Most Common Types of Bathroom Taps 

  • Chrome Bathroom Taps
The most popular choices for many homeowners, chrome taps are extremely durable, widely available, and priced competitively. Chrome coating or chrome plating on a tap ensures a longer-lasting finish and a shiner finishing. Though it does highlight fingerprints, chrome is the easier of tap choices to clean with a gentle solution.
  • Brass Bathroom Taps
A most durable and indeed elegant choice for the bathroom, brass taps are favoured for their distinctive finishing. Yet this type of tap type does require increased care when cleaning to maintain its superb quality and duller-looking finish. 
  • Copper Bathroom Taps
Copper taps are luxurious finishes that add an element of warmth. With a distinctive colouring they are also considered the healthier choice thanks to their antimicrobial properties. Yet, they should never be cleaned with harsh chemicals as this will damage their natural look.
  • Matt Black Bathroom Taps
Matt black taps are finished with an electroplated material and are prone to fading or scathing if not cleaned carefully. When cared for correctly, they will maintain their stunning look and eliminate any stains on the delicate outer finish. 
  • Stainless Steel Bathroom Taps
Stainless steel taps are also popular additions in many bathrooms thanks to their ability to match up with nearly all bathroom suites. Yet, they’re the preferred choice for many as stainless steel is a strong, durable, and hard-wearing material that works well against staining and corrosion.

How to Clean Your Bathroom Taps

At The Bathroom Showroom, we always recommend making sure what type of taps you have before attempting to use any cleaning solution on them. So, most importantly, if in any doubt, look at the manufacturer's instructions first. 
However, if you can commit to a weekly clean, all of these tap types mentioned will benefit from the most simple cleaning solution; that is mild soapy water and two soft microfiber cloths - one for cleaning and one for drying. 
Harsh abrasive chemicals and scrubbing materials are troublesome for taps as they encourage scratching, damage to the coating, and in some cases discoloration. Yet, a gentle solution such as soapy water works to clean your taps effectively but all the while not harming the material.
1. Take some mild liquid soap or mild liquid detergent and squeeze a little into a jug
2. Fill up the jug with warm water and stir
3. Working one tap at a time, gently pour half the solution over the tap to cover it 
4. Taking a soft microfiber cloth, dip it into the rest of the soapy mix and wring out before rubbing the tap in gentle circular motions, cleaning from top to bottom
5. Continue until you've cleaned all parts of the tap
6. Then rinse the tap all over with a clear warm water to wash away any soap residue leftover
7. Taking your second dry microfiber cloth, gently dry the tap to ensure no watermarks are left behind 
8. Repeat the method again with the next tap

Long Term Tips When Caring for Your Bathroom Taps

  • A deep clean shouldn’t be necessary when clearing and caring for your taps if you stick to a quick weekly clean like that mentioned above.
  • Most cleaning products on the market that contain acids, alcohol, and bleach should be avoided at all costs when cleaning your taps. These can have a bad effect on some tap types and even blister them.
  • Always use the softest of cloths and preferably microfiber ones. Microfibre is a fantastic material that picks up most dirt, dust, debris, and even bacteria. Used on both wet and dry surfaces it’s also absorbent, durable, and super-soft.
  • You can place the soapy water mixture into a spray bottle and use this to work on your taps if preferred. 
  • It’s a great idea to get into the habit of drying your taps gently with a dry microfiber cloth after each use. This way, they retain that wonderfully clean look and alienate those pesky-looking watermarks.

Keep Your Bathroom Taps Looking as Good as New With Minimal Effort 

Though taps are hard-wearing, if they’re cared for correctly, they will continue to both work well and indeed look fabulously new for many years. 
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