When cleaning the bathroom, the one fixture many of us often forget to include is the radiator. One of the more awkward bathroom fixtures to clean in and around, it’s also the most neglected when it comes to chores. Yet, as a main heating source in this room, the levels of dust build-up in and around a bathroom radiator is staggering.
Fortunately, it's not a long-winded chore when cleaning your bathroom radiator. And, most important, paying a little attention regularly here is extremely beneficial to both your bathroom and to all those who use it. 
Here The Bathroom Showroom offers a quick and easy guide to cleaning your bathroom radiator swiftly but effectively.

The Importance of Keeping a Bathroom Radiator Clean

Many people would be surprised to see how much dust is actually captured in and around their radiators! With much of the dust we bring indoors settling very easily on our radiators, when we turn these fixtures on the heat they emit circulates this dust around the room. So, if they aren't cleaned properly, our bathroom radiators can potentially exasperate health issues such as asthma and allergies.
Yet, by keeping our bathroom radiators clean, we can also make sure they're operating at their very best. With a build-up of dust and dirt preventing heat from circulating effectively, a good clean could help lower heating costs while helping save energy.

How Often Should You Clean a Bathroom Radiator?

To ensure a clean, healthy bathroom that everyone can enjoy using, it’s a good idea to clean your bathroom radiator weekly, and each time you perform a quick bathroom clean. This way, you won't find much build-up of dust, all the while keeping your radiator in tip-top working condition.

What You’ll Need to Clean Your Bathroom Radiator:

  • A vacuum cleaner
  • Radiator brushes
  • A hairdryer
  • A soft clean microfiber cloth
  • A bucket with warm soapy water
  • A sponge
  • An old sheet or towel

How to Clean a Bathroom Radiator

  • Before you attempt to clean your bathroom radiator be sure to switch the heating off and allow the radiator to cool down. This will not only ensure your safety but also prevent the radiator from drawing up any more dust as you clean. 
  • Take your vacuum cleaner and clean underneath, around, and behind the radiator. This will help you capture and clear as much dust as possible. Using the smaller attachments and nozzles of your vacuum cleaner, you can get into those more awkward-to-reach areas, also. 
  • Place an old sheet or towel underneath your radiator to protect your floor. Then, using your radiator brushes for cleaning, brush into and through those areas you can't get to with the vacuum cleaner. When cleaning between your radiator, it’s usually in and between the fins, where dust builds up immensely as it's out of sight. You can also take your hairdryer and, on a cold setting, blast out those smaller pieces of dust. 
  • Using the warm soapy water from your bucket, begin on the outside of your bathroom radiator and wipe it down. The sponge shouldn’t be dripping wet, but rather damp with a lot of soapy suds. 
  • Make sure to dry your radiator completely when you've finished washing it. Wiping it down gently, a gentle soft cloth will ensure you aren't using anything abrasive here or scratching the radiator's surface. 
  • Finally, check the surrounding walls and your skirting boards near your bathroom radiator. They may well still have some of the dust stuck to them from when you used the vacuum cleaner earlier. You can easily eliminate this by using a soft damp cloth.

Cleaning Your Bathroom Radiator Is Easier Than You Think

Once you've got into the habit of regularly cleaning your bathroom radiator, it will take less time while becoming one of the easiest tasks you perform. Ultimately, by developing this much-needed habit, you can create a healthier bathroom environment and one that continues to look stunning. 
For further radiator articles, including advice and guidance on both flushing and bleeding them, take a look at our blog. 
If you’re considering adding a new radiator, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.