We all deserve a relaxing bathroom, somewhere to unwind, chill out and wash away the day's stresses. Yet, achieving a calming and relaxing bathroom space relies on the look and feel of this room. For healthy well-being, it's essential to create a space that improves and restores the zen to your bathroom. Doing this ensures you enjoy and get the most out of this multi-functional room. But, a calming bathroom environment need not be difficult to achieve, nor is it an expensive task.

How Can I Make My Bathroom More Relaxing

The Bathroom Showroom has five tips to help you create an instant calming bathroom space:

Tip 1. Put Things Away When You’ve Finished With Them

Sometimes just casting your eye over a clear bathroom can bring instant calm. Not many of us can truly relax in a glorious bubble bath when the room is full of bathroom paraphernalia!
Fortunately, you don’t have to do a deep clean or spend hours to achieve calmness here. All it takes is a bit of encouragement for everyone who regularly uses the bathroom to clear up after themselves. That way, your bathroom remains clear every time you enter it.
Simple things that can become good bathroom habits include:
  • Putting products away in cupboards and cabinets after use
  • Hanging up towels to dry after using them
  • Taking wet bath mats off the floor after use
  • Hanging robes on their hooks
  • Placing toothbrushes back in their tumblers
  • Throwing that empty toilet roll in the recycling bin!

Tip 2. Get Your Bathroom Drawers Organised

One way to end clutter and free up surfaces is to add several organisers to your bathroom units. These additions give people an incentive to put stuff away, but they can also do so in designated areas every time.
The more stuff that makes its way into the drawers, the fewer opportunities people have for leaving things lying around.
Drawer tidies, such as those in iflo Serino units, help compartmentalise bathroom essentials. These also house smaller items, such as nail scissors, cotton wool buds, dental floss, hairbrushes, and other such items that always seem to be looking for a home!

Tip 3. Encourage More Natural Light Into Your Bathroom

An instant way to bring calm to a bathroom is to encourage as much natural light as you can.
Natural light is an instant mood booster as it heightens the serotonin the brain produces. This is the mood-enhancing chemical that's often referred to as the feel-good hormone! So, the more natural light you can let in here, the calmer the environment you’ll create:
  • Open up the blinds fully each morning to embrace the daylight.
  • Strategically place mirrors so natural light can bounce off them to create a sense of space.
Consider adding wall-hung units, like the iflo Rhea, to encourage light to flow around the room uninterrupted.

Tip 4. Add Calming Colours to Bathroom Decor, Accessories, and Finishes

There’s no denying that bathroom colours play a role in how we feel when using this room. It’s why so many of us opt for soothing whites and natural hues in our fixtures and fittings. 
Yet, you can also effortlessly incorporate warming colours instantly through accessories, finishings, and your decor. 
Small areas tiled above the basin can inject cheerful colours that calm the mind. Also, that small area above the bath offers scope for adding enjoyable colours when bathing.
A quick way to add calm colours is through the use of towels, mats, robes, accessories, frames, and ornaments.

Tip 5. Treat Your Bathroom!

Finally, a fun and most personalised way to bring calm to your bathroom is to add those items that make you smile. 
From plants to candles, diffusers to potpourri, anything that makes you feel calm, showcase it around your bathroom so your senses can take it all in.
Not only do plants have beneficial qualities, but just seeing greenery dotted around the bathroom can help calm the mind. Pleasant aromas from candles will stimulate the senses and ease the mind while looking fabulous on show.
If space is limited, consider adding prints to the walls that inspire. This is a place for reflection, relaxation, and an area to clear your head. So, opt for inspirational but mood-boosting quotes and pictures that calm the mind and improve your wellbeing. Sometimes it’s the visual things on display in our bathroom that can really create that most  calming of zen.

Creating a Calming Bathroom Space Is Easier Than You Think

Our immediate environment can greatly affect and alter our moods. So, by following these five simple tips, you can work at creating a bathroom of peace, tranquillity, and ultimately calm.
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