With winter just around the corner, it's a great time to start preparing our homes for the cold weather. An effective way of doing this to ensure increased comfort all around is via draught-proofing. A relatively cheap but ultra-effective solution, draught-proofing the home can help by blocking out those unwanted gaps, thus creating a more snug living environment.
However, one very important area that often gets overlooked when draught-proofing is the bathroom. Yet, as one of the wettest rooms in the home, it’s this space that can benefit immensely from correct draught-proofing.
Here, The Bathroom Showroom shares several quick tips to help you draught-proof your bathroom ready for the winter season. 

Make Sure to Keep All Bathroom Vents Clear 

Before beginning any daughter-proofing, one important aspect that we can't stress enough is never cover your bathroom vents. Be that your bathroom extractor fans, windows, or walls, good bathroom ventilation remains crucial at this time of year
Understandably, it’s extremely tempting during the colder weather to block these areas, especially when the outside temperature drops. Yet, these vents must remain open and clear so they can do their job. Air vents allow for the uninterrupted supply of fresh air throughout the room and indeed home, so should never be sealed. This includes trickle vents above windows, wall vents, air brick vents, and ventilation fans. 
  • Start Assessing Your Bathroom’s Draughty Areas:
Before you start with draught-proofing your bathroom, it’s a good idea to identify all the areas in this space where draughts may occur. This means checking for gaps around windows, doors, pipes, and vents. Remember, even the smallest of gaps can let in a supply of chilly air. 
  • Install Weather Stripping: 
Weather stripping is a cheap method of sealing any leaks in your bathroom. Yet, it’s also one of the most effective. Self-adhesive and easy to apply, placing weather stripping around windows and doors will ensure a tight seal.
This simple step can significantly help in reducing draughts while saving money on energy bills. Weather stripping applied to cold gaps around the bathroom window acts as a sealant.
  • Consider Caulking and Insulating:
To further improve insulation, caulk can be used to seal gaps and cracks found in and around the bathroom. This method is particularly useful for use on bathroom fixtures. Additionally, by insulating water pipes, you can work at preventing freezing and potential leaks during the winter months.
  • Use Draught Stoppers: 
To prevent draughts from seeping under the bathroom door, installing a draught stopper is a quick effective solution. These inexpensive devices help to create a barrier between your bathroom and the cold air from outside. 
  • Utilise Your Bathroom Exhaust Fan: 
A good functioning exhaust fan can help remove excess moisture from the bathroom. When left to linger, moisture can lead to mould growth and furniture damage during winter.
Ensure your fan is in good working condition and clean the vents regularly. Then continue to use it throughout the colder months to help your bathroom clear up quicker. 
  • Insulate the Attic: 
Good insulation in your home's attic not only improves the overall comfort of your home but also benefits the bathroom. Adequate insulation will prevent heat from escaping through the ceiling and reduce any draughts in this space. 
  • Close Off Unused Spaces: 
If your bathroom shares a wall with an unused room, consider closing off that space to minimise potential heat loss. Look at sealing any gaps or cracks in the shared wall to prevent draughts from entering your bathroom.
  • Look at Upgrading Your Bathroom Windows: 
If you have an old bathroom window that’s causing significant draughts, consider upgrading it to an energy-efficient model. Double or triple-pane windows can reduce heat loss and keep your bathroom cosy throughout the winter.
  • Seek Professional Advice:
If you’re struggling to draught-proof your bathroom and need outside help, don't hesitate to seek professional advice. A qualified contractor or home improvement expert can assess your bathroom's insulation needs and provide expert-tailored recommendations for draught-proofing.

Cut the Draught in Your Bathroom This Winter

Taking the necessary steps to draught-proof your bathroom for winter can make a significant difference in both your comfort and home's energy efficiency. By implementing these helpful expert tips, you can ensure everyone stays warm, comfortable, and enjoys the winter season without worrying about draughts in your bathroom throughout the coldest months of the year. 
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