There’s no better way to start the day off well than with a shower. Along with that super-fresh feeling before you leave home, a shower is also a great way of waking us up in the morning! Yet, to get the best out of your showering time and indeed the best out of the busy day ahead, an invigorating shower is the perfect kick starter. 
Here The Bathroom Showroom considers the growing trend of an invigorating shower to help you create your very own, so you can start the day as you mean to go on.

What Is an Invigorating Shower?

An invigorating shower is a normal shower session but one whereby you use the most invigorating of scents, re-align your mindset, and shower with purpose. It’s the perfect way to start your day off as it sets up your mood and encourages a more positive stance.
You may have heard people talk about inspiration striking and how the best ideas come to them while in the shower?  Well, an invigorating shower is all about creating this experience and capitalising on it for the day ahead.
This type of shower is all about accessing the energy that’s created in the water as the ions are charged. For many, when using the water as a charging point, the result is similar to that recharged feeling we get whenever we’re near the ocean or walking through the forest in the rain.
Such charged ions increase our oxygen levels and help us breathe better. By increasing the oxygen levels present in our brains, we can facilitate those amazing increased serotonin levels. This way we get to increase our focus while feeling happier and calmer, and more emotionally stable.

What Can I Use for an Invigorating Shower?

The best thing about this type of shower is that it’s more about the feelings created rather than spending lots of money on it! Other than a positive and uplifting mindset, the most important ingredient of an invigorating shower is the shower or wash gel you select. 
Anything that has a strong scent and uplifts your mind the second you smell its aroma is perfect here. Many people like to opt for something that also promotes exfoliating properties as well. This way you can boost your circulation and wake your body up while the scent does its work!
Even better, if you can swap out your current shower head for a rainfall shower head, you effortlessly create an immersive showering experience that’s guaranteed to rejuvenate your entire body.

Tips for Helping You Create the Most Invigorating Shower Experience

  • Make sure your bathroom is clean and clutter-free so you're not distracted by any mess.
  • Ensure the room temperature is comfortable
  • Select your shower gel/cream and make sure it’s within reach
  • Turn the shower on and tell yourself this is a new day and therefore a new start full of possibilities
  • Step into the shower with confidence 
  • Let the water take you away and relax and let go of all old thoughts 
  • Tell yourself what you’re going to achieve today and what you will become today, creating and manifesting that confidence here. Repeat these affirmations to yourself as you shower
  • Visualise the day ahead that you want to see appear - reflect on the type of day you want to create and imagine yourself working through it to achieve it
  • Give yourself a quick scalp massage - when using your shampoo concentrate on gently massaging your scalp to encourage the blood flow
  • Tone up your face with a few simple facial muscle stretching poses - be as funny as you like here as no one will see you! 
  • If you can, try 30 seconds of cold water before stepping out of your shower. 
  • Finish off with a rich body butter lightly scented as a treat and a means of pampering yourself. This way you’ll feel fresh and revitalised and raring to go
  • Take one last look in that mirror and tell yourself you’ve got this

A Regular Invigorating Shower Can Create A Positive Mindset

How we begin our day makes a big difference in how prepared we feel when facing everything the work day, home day, and daily life has to throw at us! But, by creating an instant positive mindset and boosting your confidence first thing each morning, you’re better placed to tackle the day ahead with renewed vigour and at your very best.
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