When renting a home, it can often seem difficult adding those personal finishing touches. This is especially so in the bathroom. An inner sanctuary for most homeowners, in the rental market, the bathroom is often deemed an area where little improvement can be made. 
Yet, though adding permanent bathroom fixtures and fittings to rented accommodation may not be possible, creating a fantastic-looking bathroom certainly is.
From towels to bath mats, lighting to mirrors, using a little bathroom inspiration, The Bathroom Showroom shows you how to make your rented bathroom feel like home.

How To Personalise a Rented Bathroom

It’s actually easier than many people think to make your rented bathroom feel like home. The key to transforming a rental space to reflect your personality lies in just a few quick tricks to achieve a designer effect.
  • Replace Harsh Bathroom Lighting With Warmer Hues
Quiet often, rented bathrooms have standard harsh lighting. Yet, by getting creative with your bathroom lighting, you can make a world of a difference to this space. Replace those harsh colours with warm, soft gentler tones and light bulbs that reduce the brightness, starkness, and glare. Consider installing a ceiling light, like that of the Hib Rhythm Bluetooth, that allows you to control the colour temperature and has a dimmable option.
  • Add a Statement Mirror That Wows
An essential part of any bathroom, a chic-looking mirror can really help lift the décor of a rented bathroom. A large and spectacular choice, like that of the illuminated HiB Globe, will create a focal point in this room. It will also encourage a more spacious and airy place, opening up the room. With a big mirror, strategically placed, both natural light and artificial light will be able to reflect off it. 
  • Utilise Shower Curtain Designs
If your rented bathroom doesn't allow for a shower screen, you can create a design statement by adding characteristic shower curtains. With so many patterns, colours, and textures available right now, selecting a vibrant shower curtain can help complement the décor you’re going for in your bathroom.
  • Add a Bit of Greenery to the Room
Indoor plants have the power to bring life to a space, and nowhere does this work better than in the bathroom. There are so many choices of low-maintenance plants that simply thrive in the humid conditions of this environment. By dotting a selection of differently coloured plants around your rented bathroom, you can instantly make a bleak space feel like home.
  • Dot Scented Candles Around the Room
There’s no reason why a rented bathroom can’t emulate a spa-like space. By adding several candles around this room, in a variety of beautifully-designed holders, you can add an instant touch of elegance to the area. Not only does the visual aspect of candles promote indulgence, but being able to access them when using this space makes for a most relaxing atmosphere.
  • Add Plush Bathroom Towels and Bath Mats
Fluffy clean bathroom towels added to the bathroom space can promote a more gentle look and offer an additional design feature. Likewise, adding in a plush ultra-fluffy bath mat brings a much-needed touch of warmth to a stark cold bathroom floor. Non-permanent features such as these accessories can then be replaced regularly and swapped out to suit season or personal taste whenever the need arises. 
  • Utilise Movable Baskets and Storage Units
If you're unable to install bathroom fittings to your wall, then consider those storage trays on wheels. With the ability to place them anywhere you want around the room, these storage solutions can hold not just practical items but also elements of decorative pieces. So, candles, display jars, and even plants. This means you’re free to add a much needed personal touch to a rented bathroom which you can swap and change to suit. 

Transform Your Rented Bathroom Into Your Very Own Sanctuary

Overall, it’s quite easy to make a rented bathroom feel like your own. All it takes is a little creativity, some smart choices, and personalised touches. With the ability to transform a plain space into a personal sanctuary, you can instantly make this essential space your own.
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If you’re looking for further help on creating a beautiful bathroom space, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.