Nothing beats stepping out of a relaxing bath or shower and immersing yourself in a gorgeous comfortable bath towel. A seemingly small detail, wrapping yourself in the best bath towel can help make the most of that luxurious dream bathroom feel and help prolong that state of relaxation. 
So, when it comes to selecting the best towels for the job here, it’s worth investing in the right types. Yet, with so many towels available and with so much material to choose from, selecting the right one for your needs can be confusing.
Here, The Bathroom Showroom explains the most popular choices of bathroom towel material. Helping you select a super soft, quick dry, and ultimately luxurious towel choice, we help you get the best towel choice for your needs.

What Do I Need to Know About Bathroom Towel Types?

Before considering towel material, it’s worth noting that there are several towel types available for the bathroom, including:
Face Cloths: Very small-sized towels that are ideal for washing both your face and body.
Hand Towels: Everyday medium-sized towel choices that are ideal for drying your hands and also your hair. 
Guest Towels: Usually smaller hand towels, these are occasional towel types placed in guest bathrooms.
Bath Towels: Typically large-sized towels used for drying off after a shower or bath.
Bath Sheets: Offering more coverage than bath towels, bath sheets are larger towel types. 
Beach Towels: The largest of towel types, these are preferred by some for their ability to dry out faster because of their thinner material.

What is GSM?

You’ll regularly come across the reference GSM when selecting bathroom towels. GSM stands for grams per square meter. It's used to reference the weight and density of a towel. A high GSM indicates a thick towel type and a more absorbent one. A lower GSM tells you that it's a thinner towel type but one that will dry quicker.
GSM is usually a personal preference but, as a guide, most everyday bathroom towels typically offer anything from 400 to 700 GSM.

What Is the Best Material for Bathroom Towels?

Pure Cotton - The most standard cotton type, pure cotton is a natural material choice and thus free of chemicals. With a high absorbency rate, pure cotton increases both the strength and the softness of a bathroom towel. 
Combed Cotton - Combed cotton is a favourite choice for those that have sensitive skin as it has all the impurities washed out. A good strong towel choice, combed cotton reduces piling as it removes all the short threads in the towel. 
Zero Twist Cotton - Many find that zero-twist cotton feels noticeably softer to the touch. Promoting incredible softness, this is a longer-lasting material choice and one that ensures the towel dries quicker. 
Turkish Cotton -  With its flat woven makeup and extra-long fibers, Turkish cotton is tremendously absorbent and durable. This material is usually favoured in hotels and spas for its increased softness. 
Egyptian Cotton - An incredibly absorbent material, Egyptian cotton has a unique makeup with extra-long carbon fibres. This ensures a strong towel choice but also one that's light, and fluffy to the touch.  
Microfiber - Another popular bathroom towel choice, microfiber is preferred by many for its ability to dry faster than cotton. With fine polymer strands, microfiber is capable of retaining and holding water and is a faster-drying material than cotton. 
Bamboo - Another immensely popular bathroom towel choice, bamboo is a superior absorbent material. Favoured also for its natural antibacterial properties, bamboo is a soft and luxurious feel for a towel choice. 
Waffle - For a durable towel choice that remains springy even after many uses, waffle is a great textured material for bathroom towels. Relying on a fabric weave, waffle towels are ultra-absorbent and quick-drying lightweight choices.
Terrycloth - A most luxurious bathroom towel type, terry cloth uses a specific weave style that is made with uncut loops. This means it absorbs a great deal of water but maintains an ultra-soft feel while remaining thoroughly durable over time and use. 

The Best Bath Towels Will Lend a Luxurious Feel to Any Bathroom

From the softest towels to the most absorbent bath towels, selecting the right material and caring for it correctly long-term can make a huge impression on everyone using your bathroom space. By getting your bathroom towel material right, you can work to prolong that luxurious and relaxing feeling long after you've stepped out of the bath or shower.
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