A fabulous way of inviting the freshness of spring into your bathroom is by using scents. Spring heralds the start of new beginnings bringing with it a sense of renewal. 
Bathroom scents can help enhance that feeling of hope and expectation for a new season ahead. This helps us say goodbye to the dark winter months and look forward to change.
The Bathroom Showroom suggests several spring scents for bathroom inspiration for this most exciting of seasons. 

Recreating the Scents of Spring

Spring scents are fresh, vibrant, energetic, and full of happiness. These are the joyful aromas that signal a sense of rejuvenation. Spring scents should help to lift the spirits as we look to lighter days ahead. 
Promoting energy, spring scents are delicate floral fragrances that boost the spirits and improve the mindset.
Think of the soft musky smell of spring blossoms as you pass them. Think of that warm, fresh smell of April showers after a storm. Think of the scent of cut grass signalling the end of hibernation and the beginning of warmer months ahead.

The 6 Scents of Spring

1. Lilac
Perhaps the aroma that instantly signals the arrival of springtime has to be that of lilac. Lilac is deliciously fruity and floral and gently sweet-smelling. Waking you up to the coming season, lilac is a blend of floral, jasmine, and honey scents. When combined, these create an undeniable gorgeous bathroom scent. 
Lilac used in the bathroom can instantly uplift, creating a pleasant and balanced mood throughout the room. Yet, lilac also has amazingly calming and relaxing properties. This makes it a firm favourite scent with many when looking to reduce stress and anxiety.
2. Grapefruit
The scent of grapefruit is known to be the most stimulating and energising one. This boasts a deliciously tangy and sweet aroma. When used in the bathroom environment, grapefruit can help disperse any negative energy. It then works to encourage a sense of cheerfulness through its powerful properties.
As well as invigorating the room, grapefruit can also help reduce pressure and relieve tension. This is a scent that works to herald spring thanks to its fruity and zesty connotations. When added to the bathroom, the result is a thoroughly refreshing spring scent.
3. Geranium 
Another pleasant springtime bathroom scent is that of germanium. With a most pleasant aroma, germanium boasts the perfect blend of strong sweet floral scents. Therefore, this is an aroma that wonderfully signals a new exciting season. 
A fabulous element of germanium is its centering ability. By using this as an aroma in the bathroom environment, you can create a quiet, calming space. Many people tend to look to geranium for its balancing effect. Germanium is found by many to ease tensions, reduce anxiety, and help alleviate mood swings.
4. Lime
Promoting a sensational springtime aroma, lime works wonders as a crisp, clear, tangy-sweet scent. This scent is believed to both balance and invigorate.
Lime is well-known and loved for its zesty properties and connections to spring-like colours. Yet, when used as an aroma, the effects are relaxing and refreshing and an instant mood booster. 
Many people using lime as a bathroom scent claim it also helps with sharpening focus. This makes it the perfect choice for mentally preparing and awakening the room for a new season. 
5. Sage
The addition of sage as a bathroom scent enhances the room and creates a clear, cleansed environment. Sage is a sweet aroma that works especially well in the springtime because of its earthy herbal tones. Yet, although it has hints of pepper, the full effect is floral, earthy, and nutty.
This is one bathroom scent that’s suggested to provide a sense of balance and stillness. So, it's perfect for setting the scene for those months that follow the wintertime. Considered a healing scent, sage can help ease any negative emotions and offer improved mental clarity.
6. Rosemary
Finally, a spectacular bathroom scent to help lift the spirits after winter is rosemary. This is a herby, woody fragrant that makes for a thoroughly pleasant aroma. Rosemary can help lift the fog of those darker, cold months and boost the immune system. Hence, it's promoted for its ability to stimulate mental activity. 
This is also the scent that many find helps with detoxing. So, it's a great aroma for marking the renewal of the spring months. Rosemary is also popular as a bathroom scent thanks to its healing abilities. This aroma is said to provide a range of anti-stress, anti-inflammatory, and pain-relieving properties!

How to Bring the Scent of Spring Into Your Bathroom

There are several easy ways to bring scent into your bathroom. From candles to essential oils, take a look at our blog post on how to use scents for bathroom ambience. With fantastic ideas on introducing aromas to the bathroom, you can rejuvenate the spring months and begin the new seasoned revitalised.
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