When it comes to window dressings there are several spectacular ways to frame your bathroom windows. Though bathroom windows are functional spaces, they can also be the most elegant.
Offering much more than just privacy, bathroom windows can also help greatly improve bathroom décor. Whether through colours, patterns, or texture, the best window treatments will complement your bathroom design.
Here The Bathroom Showroom looks at stunning and functional ways to cover bathroom windows highlighting an option to suit every style.

Can Bathroom Windows Be Clear?

Though there’s no hard and fast rule, most homeowners automatically select frosted bathroom windows. This is a translucent glass type that works to blur the images on the other side of the glass to provide a layer of privacy for those using this room. Such treated glass is especially important if your shower or bath is in front of your bathroom window.

Why Dress a Bathroom Window?

Firstly, it's worth considering why many of us choose to cover our bathroom windows. You may have a bathroom window that is clear, offering no privacy for this space. This means those passing by or neighbours can see straight into your bathroom. So a choice of covering is crucial here to protect all those using this room. 
You may already have frosted windows, but notice that at night time when the lights are on, the shapes of those using the bathroom are a bit too defined to those outside!
You may find that your bathroom window is exposed to a great deal of sun for much of the day. This is especially so for those south-facing windows in the UK. Therefore, a window covering may help reduce direct sunlight here.
Or, you may simply want to add an extra layer of décor, or a finishing touch to your bathroom overall by means of a window covering.

What Should I Put on the Bathroom Window?

Before selecting a bathroom window covering, it's worth considering if it will hold up to the often problematic bathroom environment. The most humid room in the home, our bathrooms are prone to excess moisture. This means that we need to be confident that any fittings we include in this room can withstand such an environment and not become vulnerable to rot. 

Popular Bathroom Window Coverings

The most popular coverings for bathroom windows include PVC blinds and faux wooden blinds. Both choices allow for enough airflow through the material, therefore, preventing potential mould. These blind choices are also water resistant, do not warp easily, and are less likely to crack over time. 
  • Roller blinds are the better solutions for the bathroom environment for several reasons. Firstly, they offer that much-needed element of privacy when required. These designs also allow you to control the level of light in your bathroom, to suit. Yet, one of the biggest advantages of adding roller blinds in this room is their ability to remain healthy long-term. Because of their moisture-resistant coating, bathroom roller blinds don’t retain any moisture.
  • PVC vertical blinds also offer fantastic window coverings as well as much-needed waterproof properties. Simple to maintain, these blinds also provide a good element of privacy while helping you control the level of light in the bathroom. 
Best of all, with an array of designs, styles, patterns, and colours available, PVC bathroom blinds, roller and vertical, and faux wood bathroom blinds are the perfect way to complement all bathroom décor. 

Do People Put Curtains on Bathroom Windows?

Some people like to add fabrics to the bathroom window in the form of curtains. Whether that be cotton, polyester, or sheer curtains, these can help add a luxurious touch. However, by being exposed to constant moisture in this room, curtain material can become easily damaged and go mouldy very quickly.
But, if you do want curtains in your bathroom, it’s a good idea to place them on a window that isn't directly in front of a shower or bath. Likewise, you’ll need to perform regular checks on bathroom curtains to ensure they aren’t retaining too much moisture and therefore promoting issues such as mould.
It's also worth accepting that if you do choose to use curtains in your bathroom, you’ll more than likely have to replace them several times during the year to ensure they remain in good health. 

Combine Function and Style With Simple Bathroom Window Ideas

Enhancing both functionality and style, the best bathroom window ideas can transform all bathrooms while providing a good level of privacy and coverage. 
If you’re considering adding fixtures or fittings to your bathroom, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.