Are you looking to add a fresh new look to your bathroom decor? If so, paint offers a fabulous selection of bathroom colours. A quick way of freshening up this room, paint can update the theme, modernise the decor, or add a focal wall. What's more, painting a bathroom is inexpensive and hassle-free. This makes it an ideal task if you’re contemplating creating your dream bathroom but still want to keep your current bathroom design enjoyable to use. Here's a quick guide from The Bathroom Showroom to help you select the most appropriate paint type for your bathroom.

Bathroom Paint Is Specially Formulated for This Environment

The unforgiving nature of a bathroom means you'll need a bathroom paint specially formulated for this space. Paint choices here will have to cope with the demands of one of the busiest areas of the home. 
For that reason, always check for paint that specifically states on the label that it's for use in bathrooms. Usually, you'll find that both bathroom and kitchen paint have their very own sections in stores. These paint types will clearly label on the front of the tin what rooms they are suitable for.
As a guide, bathroom paint should be bathroom friendly - this means it should ideally be:
  • Moisture resistant
  • Mould resistant
  • Steam resistant
  • Grease resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Low toxin
  • Streak free
  • Low-odour
  • Water-based
  • Waterproof
  • Minimal VOC content (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Washable
  • Quick-drying

What Type of Bathroom Paint Should You Use in the Bathroom?

As well as noticing the bathroom-friendly label on your bathroom paint, you'll also find several paint type choices. Though bathroom paint has to be specially formulated to cope with the environment, you can still select a fabulous finish.
The most popular bathroom paint finishes tend to include:

Durable Matt Paint

A standard matt paint choice isn't suitable for the bathroom. This is because it doesn't have the long-term moisture resistance required to perform in this environment. However, a durable matt paint choice does and holds up well against moisture. 
Durable matt paint is also the easiest paint to wipe down and is very resistant to marking and scuffing. Durable matt paint provides a smooth, velvety-like finish. As it doesn't leave a sheen, it works better to hide any imperfections on the wall. 
Ideal for those less than smooth walls, durable matt brings a modern look to the bathroom.

Water-Based Eggshell Paint 

Once again, standard eggshell paint isn't recommended for the bathroom. But you can find this in a water-based form which is perfect for such conditions. 
Water-based eggshell paint is an emulsion choice and a hard-working paint for high-condensation rooms. This leaves a finish that falls between that of silk and matt. The reference to the egg here relates to the sheen having the same amount as an egg.
Water-based eggshell paint will tend to show more imperfections when compared to durable matt emulsions. Yet, it boasts an extremely delicate finish, even more so than soft-sheen or silk choices.

Silk Paint

Silk paint has the much-needed moisture-resistant properties to cope with a bathroom environment. 
As a vinyl emulsion, it's a durable choice that boasts a higher sheen level than durable matt and water-based eggshell paint. Silk paint can also be wiped down very easily and it provides increased light to the room. 
Yet, it's also worth noting that silk paint can often highlight imperfections on a wall. This is because of its high level of reflection. So, it's worth noting this if your bathroom walls aren't too smooth. 
But, for a mid-sheen finish, silk paint is a popular option. It's also one that can add an increased spacious feel to a bathroom. 

Soft-Sheen Paint

Providing a slightly polished finish, soft sheen paint works well in the bathroom as it copes well with high-traffic areas. Offering an impressive finish, this paint type promotes a subtle sheen when compared to that of silk paint. 
However, for those bathroom walls with imperfections, it's not always considered suitable. Yet, if you do use a soft-sheen bathroom paint, the result is beautifully finished walls with a slightly polished effect.

Carefully Chosen Bathroom Paint Will Withstand This Busy Room 

The bathroom is the one room where standard paint types won't offer the increased level of protection needed here. But, by using the right paint type, like those discussed in this article, you can work towards creating the perfect room while better maintaining this space long-term.
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