With the colder darker months setting in, adding scents to your bathroom can create balance. Winter is often a hectic time with many activities, festivities, and invites to attend. Yet, it can also bring with it periods of low moods and depression as we start to lose much of the natural light. So, creating a calming but rejuvenating bathroom environment is key to getting through this season intact!
The Bathroom Showroom offers several winter scents for bathroom inspiration during this most bustling of seasons.  

Recreating the Scents of Winter 

Winter scents are characteristically earthy, woody, smoky, sweet, and spicy. They’re the heavier of scents but without being too overpowering for the senses.
Winter scents create an aura of warmth and cosiness. They help us unwind more easily. They're also fantastic for helping reminisce at the end of the year while we look to start a new one. 
Think crackling open fires and the air after bonfires and fireworks. Think of those cold frosty mornings and that crunchy snow underfoot. Think of those warm inviting homes welcoming you as you walk through the door. 
Winter scents should provide relief from darker busy days while helping keep your spirits and energy levels up. They should also encourage you to stop, pause, and reflect on the months gone by and look forward to new adventures to come.

The 6 Scents of Winter

1. Pine
Perhaps the most commonly associated scent with winter is pine as it emulates Christmas trees. So, when used as a bathroom aroma, it immediately creates that most wonderful time of the year! A herbal and evergreen scent, pine is known for its boosting properties. This means it's a helpful aroma for improving metabolism and energy levels. It also works to cleanse, relax, and balance emotions. So, it’s the perfect bathroom scent when creating a peaceful environment throughout the festive season.
2. Sweet Orange
Another instantly recognisable winter scent is that of oranges. By adding sweet orange to your bathroom over winter, you can stimulate this entire environment. Orange is a strong rich citrus aroma that is fabulously uplifting. The ideal scent for winter, this tropical scent can also soothe the nerves. Some people find a sweet orange scent can also detoxify and help with pain and inflammation.
3. Peppermint
As a scent often related to all things festive, peppermint is a delightfully fun bathroom aroma. Not only does peppermint evoke memories of sweet foods and treats, it also helps boost energy levels. Known as an invigorating scent, it’s, therefore, a fabulous pick me up for the bathroom environment. Better still, peppermint is often a go-to refreshing scent for promoting alertness. Some find it works wonders by aiding colds and fevers too, making it a perfect winter bathroom choice.
4. Frankincense
A symbolic Christmastime choice, Frankincense is the ultimate winter aroma. When added to the bathroom, Frankincense showcases powerful properties. From promoting inner strength to relieving anxiety, it’s a most pleasant addition to this environment. This scent is also believed to promote pleasant thoughts and feelings. Many people find it a wonderful meditative bathroom aroma. Boosting the immune system, Frankincense also holds great spiritual meaning.
5. Clove
Using clove as a scent adds instant richness and depth to the bathroom environment. A thoroughly warm aroma, clove as a bathroom scent creates an inviting space. Rich and spicy in its properties, it’s also considered to be a most therapeutic scent. Clove is said by many to soothe the mind while improving memory. Yet it also seems to be highly beneficial when improving sinus issues and aiding sleep. Therefore, it’s a fabulous go-to bathroom scent for those winter months. 
6. Lavender
Finally, no winter scent collection would be complete without the calming addition of lavender. With Christmas at the height of the winter season, it’s often a most hectic time for many. By adding lavender to your bathroom, you instantly create a relaxed, calm, and chilled vibe. Lavender's balancing properties help you de-stress with its light sweet earthy aromas. Working hard to ease depression, lavender as a bathroom scent is claimed to speed up the healing process.

How to Bring the Scent of Winter Into Your Bathroom

When you want to add scent to your bathroom, there are a variety of ways to do this with ease. 
Whether you use it in candles or essential oils, take a look at our blog post on how to use scents for bathroom ambience. With fantastic ideas on introducing aromas to the bathroom, you can brighten up your winter months and enjoy this rejuvenating season. 
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