A spa bathroom suite is a penultimate choice when designing a relaxing bathroom space. The perfect home sanctuary, a spa bathroom can help you unwind after a hard day. Promoting increased comfort, a spa bathroom oozes luxury while offering the most lavish bathroom decor. 
Yet, creating such a style doesn't have to cost the earth. With many spa bathroom ideas available, it’s never been easier to design a spa bathroom on a budget.
Here, The Bathroom Showroom shows you how to turn your bathroom into a spa in four easy steps.

What Is a Spa Bathroom?

A spa bathroom is a space in the home that emulates a day spa. This is usually by the inclusion of spa-like fixtures and fittings. Yet, equally important here is the decor, blending comfort and tranquillity to enhance a spa-like ambience. Spa bathroom suites are lavish and ooze luxury, ensuring a space you can't wait to retreat to for some much-needed ‘me’ time.

How Do I Style My Bathroom Like a Spa?

  • Select a Luxurious Bath Choice
The penultimate addition to a spa bathroom has to be the bath! A perfect way to wash away the stresses of the day, the ideal bath choice here will make a statement. A spa-like bath should be stunning and thoroughly inviting. Yet, most importantly, this should provide plentiful room for soaking in the tub. 
Freestanding baths are the perfect accompaniment for spa bathroom suites. Even better, if you can place your bath centre of the room, you create an instant spectacular focal piece.
A spectacular bath choice for a spa bathroom is the iflo Herita Slipper. A traditional freestanding tub, this is a slipper-shaped tub providing a raised sloped end. This works to provide the most natural and comfortable bathing positions. The iflo Herita Slipper also benefits immensely from eye-catching chrome bath legs. 
  • Opt For Plush Flooring
When you've selected a magnificent bath, you’ll want to be sure that your choice of flooring is equally as impressive. Flooring needs to be clean, streamlined, and non-fussy in a spa bathroom design. This will emphasise a sense of space while creating a most streamlined feel. Fortunately, there are several fabulous bathroom ideas when choosing flooring for spa bathrooms. The first is underfloor heating to capture that warm, cushy feeling as soon as you step out of that bath. Underfloor heating, like that from the Prowarm range, is a most luxurious choice, yet is also the most cost-effective heating method long-term.
A perfect flooring choice for use with underfloor heating is luxury vinyl flooring. Both Click Flooring and Clicklux are waterproof solutions that promote first-class comfort whenever you step into the bathroom. Best of all, when used in a spa bathroom design, they promote warmth underfoot while aiding with sound insulation.
  • Choose a Neutral Colour Scheme Throughout
When we think of spas, we tend to conjure up the calmest, most placid, and most relaxing gentle colour choices. So, using hues that are pale, light, and neutral throughout helps instantly evoke a spa-like bathroom decor. However, this doesn't have to mean a cold all-over-white colour scheme. Cream, greys, and beiges are ideal timeless choices but as too are opulent marble, wood, and stone schemes.
A popular bathroom tile choice comes from the Lux Marble range. Offering a semi-polished finish, these tiles boast a subtle marble effect to bring a touch of luxury to your space. Changing the light perfectly with their subtle sheen, Lux Marble tiles are available as both floor and wall tiles, helping you coordinate your entire spa bathroom.
Another fantastic way of enhancing a neutral colour scheme is to accessorise with chrome or brass fixtures and fittings. Complementing those gentle colour choices can help break up a neutral palette but keep the attention still on your spa-like focal features.
  • Utilise an Elegant Bathroom Mirror and Workable Lighting Choices
Perfect lighting and mirror choices can make a valuable impact and instantly transform a bathroom space into a spa. Better still, positioning the two for maximum impact can recreate the most perfect spa-like ambience.
Lighting choices here should combine the option of practical illumination for self-care tasks with a choice of low light levels that can be dimmed for pure relaxation purposes. 
Task lighting like Spa Scopius helps direct strong illumination where it’s needed the most. This ensures all those practical tasks can be completed with ease. Better still, with its chrome and glass makeup, this is a stunning decorative piece. 
To help enhance that cosy and most intimate of spaces, select the best ambient lighting fittings for maximum impact. Those lights that offer warming hues, such as the Hib Summit Pendant Light, are ideal for creating a spa-like atmosphere. Likewise, those lights that boast dimmable functions as well as a selection of colour-changing temperatures, like the Hib Rhythm Ceiling Light, are perfect for adjusting the tone to reflect your mood. 
To finish, selecting a large mirror that doubles up to provide full coverage for all self-care tasks, as well as encouraging your lighting to bounce off its surface, will further help you cement that spa-like environment. The Hib Globe is a stylish oversized mirror that provides an enhanced sense of space, while its sensor-activated illumination provides a cool to warm essential finishing touch.

Spa-Inspired Bathroom Ideas to Help You Create Your Dream Bathroom 

With more homeowners looking to improve their bathrooms for less, creating a spa bathroom has never been easier. A most obtainable bathroom style, a spa-like bathroom is an inexpensive design that will reward users for many years to come. The perfect way to unwind, destress and enjoy your immediate space, a spa bathroom allows you to recreate a luxurious sanctuary of your very own that you can enjoy every day of the week. 
If you’re considering designing a spa bathroom, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.