If you’re keen to enhance the comfort levels of your bathroom, then bathroom underfloor heating is the penultimate edition. With the ability to transform the room into a thoroughly inviting, cosy warm space, underfloor heating for bathrooms is certainly a luxurious addition. 
Yet, in a time of high energy bills and increased cost of living, underfloor heating can also be the most cost-effective choice in keeping your bathroom warm.
Here The Bathroom Showroom looks at several reasons why many choose to add underfloor heating to their bathroom for that perfect luxurious touch.

What Makes Underfloor Heating Luxurious?

Undeniably, one of the many benefits of underfloor heating in a bathroom is the penultimate luxurious element it promotes to everyone using this room! This includes that wonderful feeling of getting out of the bath or shower and stepping onto a warm floor. It also means walking into the bathroom in the middle of the night, first thing in the morning, and during those cold winter months and instantly being warmed underfoot. 
Underfloor heating creates an inviting space that remains cosy throughout use and is the perfect addition for both adults and indeed children to safely use and appreciate.
For many, when underfloor heating can replace those bulky-looking radiators, it provides a better-looking space. Some of us may struggle to design a dream bathroom around our radiators, especially if they look old and are starting to rust. Yet, quite often due to the smaller nature of this room, underfloor heating can replace radiators. This is also a safer option for all users, in particular those with young children.
Yet, if you do find you still need some additional heating, for example, if you have a large bathroom space, you can add a stunningly-designed heated towel rail. With beautiful functioning designs like those from the TowelRads Vetro and iflo Alayta, heated towel rails add an extra layer of warmth to your bathroom.
In a room where many health issues can be exacerbated, underfloor heating is the healthier choice. Radiators produce convection heat which circulates around the room, moving dust particles with it. This can aggravate allergy and asthma sufferers.  Yet, underfloor heating systems produce what is known as radiant heat. So, they keep the movement of dust to a minimum.
Ultimately, underfloor heating improves air quality by creating a more balanced atmosphere when it comes to humidity. As bathrooms are moisture-rich environments, prolonged bouts of moisture can linger in the air and prove problematic to all users over time.
However, underfloor heating will help your bathroom dry quicker and prevent potential mould as excess water is eliminated. When coupled with good ventilation, this not only creates a healthier environment but ultimately promotes a better-looking bathroom space.
Once it's installed, underfloor heating requires very little maintenance. Whereas radiators demand regular attention regarding flushing, bleeding, and regular checks, correctly installed underfloor heating doesn't. If there are any issues with underfloor heating, it's usually something that happens with the heating control systems.
Yet, you can promote the healthiest of underfloor heating systems by performing a service every few years - just to ensure that the system continues to work at its peak performance. This will allow you to benefit from this luxury for several decades.

Underfloor Heating Is an Inexpensive Option

Understandably, some of the most common questions about underfloor heating involve its costs. For this reason, we’re often asked at The Bathroom Showroom, is bathroom underfloor heating worth it? The good news is that underfloor heating allows you to bask in its luxury but doesn't break the bank when buying or indeed when running it long-term.
Firstly, underfloor heating costs less than many people think. With several quality kits that can be purchased online, electric underfloor heating is the cheaper of the two, as it’s the easiest system to install and offers greater control of wattage output. 
Prices range from just over £100 to £400 for electric underfloor heating mats, with water kits in the region of £480 up to £4000. Better still, though you can opt to use the services of a professional underfloor heating installer, Prowarm underfloor heating ensures that homeowners can indeed install their underfloor heating solutions as a DIY option. This will further help reduce outlay costs.
Finally, when running underfloor heating, it's also a common myth that it costs a lot. In fact, it's actually an energy-efficient choice as it works to warm from the ground up. This means it uses less energy as it does not strive to heat the air at the top of the room. 
Because underfloor heating runs at a lower temperature than radiators and makes use of thermostatic controls, it can cost 15% to 40% less than conventional radiators. This means underfloor heating can be left on for long periods at a low consistent temperature to provide a small amount of residual heat, without creating costly energy bills. 
The best temperature for underfloor heating in the bathroom is between 16°C and 25°C. This will work well when you leave the heating on to run for longer periods of time as it will promote a consistent level of warmth and not have to work harder each time to reach optimal temperature.

Bathroom Underfloor Heating Creates an Instant Dream Bathroom Space

Undeniably a luxurious heating choice, underfloor heating in the bathroom is also a functional cost-effective method of keeping this space warm and comfortable throughout the year. 
If you’re considering adding underfloor heating to your bathroom, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.