When selecting the best bathroom ceiling lights, getting this part right can make a difference in achieving that perfect bathroom design. Often overlooked when planning this room, bathroom ceiling light fixtures add style and greatly enhance the features of your room. Better still, if you’re looking for more than one light choice here, getting the balance right can help with all bathroom tasks while increasing the ambience of this room. At The Bathroom Showroom, we have a selection of fabulous Hib lights that light up your bathroom, making a spectacular impression. Whether you’re looking for a ceiling light or pendant light, or perhaps a mixture of the two, the Hib range is guaranteed to offer something to suit your needs.

Hib Ceiling Lights

When looking for a central lighting choice, the Hib selection of bathroom lighting offers stylish, functional ceiling lights that make perfect additions to all bathroom decor.

Polar, Horizon, and Lumen Hib Ceiling Lights

For a fantastic cutting-edge LED lighting choice, the Polar, Horizon, and Lumen models are thoroughly modern bathroom ceiling light fixtures.
Each with a 300mm diameter, all these designs are available in chrome finishes. Boasting superb LED illumination, these lighting fixtures are IP44 certified. All measuring 300mm in diameter, with a 4000k rating, the light emitted is cool white, falling between warm light and daylight. This makes Polar, Horizon, and Lumen Hib ceiling lights functional lighting sources that radiate a practical yet natural-feeling glow. 

Marius Hib Ceiling Light

For a slightly bigger model, the Marius Hib Ceiling light is another modern stunning bathroom light choice. 
With a larger circular design of 310mm in diameter and 120mm depth, this flush Mount bathroom ceiling light is energy-efficient A-rated, and IP44 certified. 
Boasting a chrome finish alongside a diffused glass shade, Marius is a 28W 2D lamp and an ultra-modern illumination choice.
Rhythm Hib Ceiling Light
A Bluetooth ceiling light with speaker, the Rhythm Hib light is a spectacular choice for those most modern and on-trend bathroom designs, or for anyone wanting to control the ambience in this room.
Utilising a remote control operation, the Rhythm allows you to choose mood enhancing lighting and play your favourite music, podcasts, and audiobooks. Through the remote control feature, here you can change tracks and turn the volume up and down on this 6W speaker, all by connecting a compatible device to the light’s Bluetooth function.
When it comes to light decisions, the IP44 rated Rhythm offers no less than a staggering 12, through its RGB LED element, as well as a dimmable choice. 
With colour-changing temperatures of 3000 to 6000k, this LED bathroom ceiling light allows you to select cool and warm white through to red, green, and blue colours to set the mood, no matter what time of the day.

Hib Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are a spectacular way of complementing traditional bathroom ceiling lights. 
Popular lighting choices to layer your bathroom lighting or create a specific mood, pendant lights can offer statement pieces due to the warmth and elegance they add to this environment. Ideal for breaking up your bathroom into sections, pendant lights can be used on their own or work alongside ceiling lights. 
The Hib Bathroom range of pendant lights includes the Peak, Rise, and Summit models. 

Peak Hib Pendant Light

With a sleek chrome finish, the Peak Hib pendant light is a fantastic versatile design that provides a stunning feature in any bathroom.
Filling the bathroom with a radiant light, the Peak offers LED illumination of 4000k and measures 80mm in diameter. With a 1m cable adjustment, this 440lm bathroom pendant is IP44 rated.
Rise Hib Pendant Light
A hanging bathroom light that exudes elegance, the Rise Hib pendant light is a beautiful bathroom light choice. 
If you’re looking for lighting to make your bathroom like a spa, this light creates a spa-like ambience through its tapered glass pendant design. Creating a fresh and diffused daylight illumination, Rise is a 600lm light offering 4000k LED illumination. At 120mm in diameter, this chrome finished light also benefits from a 1m cable adjustment. 
Summit Hib Pendant Light
A modern bathroom pendant lighting choice, the Summit Hib pendant light emits a warm, mellow light, creating a thoroughly relaxing ambience. 
With its hand-blown glass pendant case, the overall look of the Summit is retro-style. This 600lm light offers 2200k LED illumination and is 135mm in diameter. Finished in chrome, with this IP44 rated light, there’s a 1m cable adjustment, allowing you to hang this pendant to suit your bathroom environment.

Hib Bathroom Lighting Offers Style, Functionality, and Elegance to All Bathroom Designs

With several designs to choose from, these Hib bathroom ceiling fixtures work well in all bathroom sizes and are the perfect lighting choices when creating statement pieces. Lighting up your bathroom perfectly while offering several fantastic additional features, if you’re looking to create a spectacular scene in your bathroom, the Hib range can help you get that perfect balance.
Why not look at our bathroom lighting guide for help selecting the best type of light design to match your needs? If you’re considering adding hib bathroom lights, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.