If you’re tired of your cloakroom suite looking dull and uninspired or you’ve just revamped it, now’s the time to add those much-needed bathroom accessories! From stylish soap dispensers and towel hooks to stunning lighted mirrors, accessories can transform this smallest of spaces into a spectacular and functional room.
Carefully chosen bathroom accessories will banish clutter, open up the space, and promote a  sleek, organised cloakroom. And with vast choices and styles to suit all decors, such accessories can finish off this room perfectly.
Here The Bathroom Showroom highlights some of the most popular bathroom accessories to help you easily upgrade your cloakroom.

Choosing the Right Bathroom Accessories for Your Cloakroom Suite

When choosing bathroom accessories for your cloakroom suite, consider the size and style of this space. Those small cloakrooms may be limited on how many accessories they can include and what types. Whereas larger cloakrooms may offer more scope. You may also want to add accessories that match your décor, as in traditional or modern choices.
Yet, it's also important to consider the functionality of each accessory. Will it improve your bathroom's organisation and convenience? Will it promote hygiene and cleanliness? Consider your specific needs and preferences when choosing bathroom accessories for your cloakroom suite.

Accessories to Enhance Your Cloakroom Suite

  • Towel Rings and Rails
Bathroom towel rings and towel rails are essential accessories for any cloakroom suite. Not only do they provide a convenient place to hang your towels, but they also add a touch of elegance to your space. 
Placed within easy reach of the basin, these bathroom accessories provide easy hand-drying access. Yet, they also work well when displaying freshly laundered soft towels. 
When it comes to style, there are a variety of options to choose from. The iflo Milton collection offers a modern durable zinc alloy constructed towel ring and towel rail. Whereas, the Heritage Clifton collection provides a traditional towel rail and towel ring both beautifully styled. 
  • Soap Dispensers and Dishes

Bathroom soap dispensers and soap dishes are among some of the most sought-after bathroom essentials nowadays. Promoting a high level of cleanliness for everyone using this space, such bathroom accessories improve hygiene and convenience while lending a touch of individuality to the decor.
Wall-mounted soap dispensers, like those from the HiB Atto Black range, are a hugely popular choice thanks to their modern design combined with enhanced practicality and ease of use.
Or, for a more traditional look, the HiB Atto Chrome range offers a chrome-plated finish wall-mounted soap dispenser to complement a traditional-looking cloakroom decor. 
Soap dish holders like those in the Roca Victoria collection ensure a designated place around the basin area and provide a cleaner, more practical way to place soap bars. Yet, just as functional are those soap baskets like those seen in the Heritage Clifton collection. These allow the soap to drain after use. 
  • Toilet Brush Holders
Though an essential for all bathrooms, not many of us like having that toilet brush out on display! Yet, with a toilet brush holder like that from the Crosswater MPRO range, you can keep this concealed.
Available in a section of finishings, including chrome, brushed steel, matt black, and brushed brass, the Crosswater MPRO toilet brush holder is a sleek and clean bathroom addition. Keeping your toilet brush out of sight allows for easy storage and access, helping to keep your cloakroom clean and hygienic all-round.
  • Mirrors and Lighting
Finally, mirrors are a great way to reflect light and make a room feel larger. This is especially important in a smaller-sized cloakroom, so, if you can choose a large mirror for your cloakroom suite and position it opposite a window, you’ll be able to reflect as much light around this room as possible.
Yet, the best bathroom lighting can also lend a hand to helping create a spectacular-looking cloakroom while lighting the way for all tasks in this room. Why not consider adding some overhead lights, like those from the Spa Lighting range, over your cloakroom mirror? 
Even better, why not opt for a bathroom mirror that has LED edge design properties, like the HiB Ambience? With colour-changing temperature features, this light choice adds a fascinating modern element to any cloakroom suite.

Upgrade Your Cloakroom Suite with These Must-Have Bathroom Accessories

Ultimately, the right accessories will help to complete a stunning-looking bathroom cloakroom suite, adding style, personality, and functionality to the space. Whether modern or traditional, making the right choice here promotes a relaxed and tranquil space that looks wonderful while helping make your daily routines more enjoyable.
If you’re looking for help choosing the best bathroom accessories for your cloakroom suite, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.