The type of bath taps you choose can make all the difference when creating the perfect luxurious bathing experience. From sleek modern tap designs to those timeless classic choices, finding the best bath taps for your soak can help elevate every bath time. 
Yet, with so many fantastic choices available on the market, many homeowners feel a little overwhelmed by the countless options of bath taps available. 
At The Bathroom Showroom, our experts can help you get that perfect bath tap choice to bring a touch of luxury to your daily bathing routine. Here, we look at why it’s important to find the right bath tap for your needs while showcasing just a few of our best-sellers.

Why Are Bath Taps Important?

Though the taps we use in a bath may initially seem like a small detail, they can significantly impact the overall look and functionality of the space. 
Making the right choice here can elevate the design aesthetic of your bathroom, all the while ensuring practicality and convenience for everyone's daily routine. 
So whether you’re looking to make your bath the star attraction or simply want to refresh this part of the room, bath taps play a huge part in completing this space.

What to Consider When Choosing Bath Taps

  • Design: The design of your bath taps will ideally complement the overall style of your bathroom. Whether you prefer the sleek modern look or want to include a more traditional feel, there are a variety of styles to suit.
  • Material: Bath taps are available in a variety of materials, including stainless steel, brass, and chrome. Make sure to consider the durability and indeed the maintenance requirements of your choice of material before making your selection.
  • Functionality: It’s a good idea to think about how you use your bath taps daily and who will be using them. This will help you consider the use and functionality of each different tap style. For example, do you need child-friendly taps, prefer traditional handles, or are you keen to add a more modern touchless design? 
  • Water Efficiency: With more of us becoming increasingly aware of the importance of water conservation, consider choosing water-efficient bath taps. This will go some way in helping reduce your environmental impact while lowering your water bills.

The Best Bath Taps Available From The Bathroom Showroom

The Bathroom Showroom has a spectacular range of bath taps to choose from. With designs and brands available to suit all preferences, from modern to traditional, here we consider just a few from our ranges:
Modern Bath Taps
  • iflo Aura: Suitable for both high and low-pressure systems, iflo Aura bath taps benefit from an exceptional chrome coating. Ensuring a longer-lasting finish, these solid brass taps promote a lever-style handle which increases ease of use.
  • Crosswater MPRO Industrial: Bath taps from the Crosswater MRPO Industrial collection are completed using a fantastic raw industrial design. With a high-quality brass construction, these bath taps also make use of a high-quality brass technology. What's more, there are three superb colours available including Chrome, Carbon Black, and Brushed Brass Unlacquered.
  • Abode Fervour: Featuring single lever handles for effortless single-handed control, the Abode Fervour bath taps are constructed using the finest quality components. Finished with luxurious European chrome plating, this brand promotes sharp crisp lines met with smooth angles for the most original and contemporary of designs. 
Traditional Bath Taps
  • Heritage Dartmouth: Offering a timeless twist in its design, bath taps from the Heritage Dartmouth range provide a classic bevelling design on the body and handle. Available in a selection of multiple finishes, here you can choose from Chrome, Brushed Brass, and Matt Black. 
  • Heritage Dawlish: Promoting a smooth operation in use and with added durability, the Heritage Dawlish bath taps are stunning additions to this space and are available in Chrome and Brushed Nickel. Compatible with low-pressure water systems, these bath taps are optimised for the UK market.
  • iflo Calm: Boasting an exceptional chrome coating that promotes a long-lasting finish, iflo Calm bath taps are made using solid brass. Suitable for both high and low-pressure systems, these taps are WRAS-approved. 

Upgrade Your Bathroom Experience in an Instant With New Bath Taps

Choosing the best bath taps for a luxurious soak is all about finding a design that suits your style and enhances your bathing experience. Whether you prefer modern, classic, freestanding, or high-tech designs, there are plenty of options to choose from. So invest in quality bath taps and transform your daily bathing routine into a truly luxurious experience.
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