As one of the busiest rooms in the home, for some our bathrooms can also be the noisiest of spaces. With many flat surfaces and often more openness in their design, many bathrooms are echoey. Yet, as one of the rooms where you don't want to broadcast your noise, many of us would like to use this room without always alerting the other members of the home to our presence in it!
Fortunately, there are several simple ways that you can look at adding some soundproofing to your bathroom. Best of all, they don't have to be expensive. Here The Bathroom Showroom considers three easy areas where you can actively work on soundproofing this room.

Why Block Out Noise in a Bathroom?

There are several reasons people consider soundproofing their bathroom space. Perhaps the first and most obvious is that of simply ensuring the rest of the home doesn't have to hear the goings on in the bathroom all the time! Alternatively, you may find the walls between yourself and the neighbours are too thin and want to have a bit of peace in this sanctuary. 
You may have young children who regularly use this room, or simply you may just have a busy household. Many families also look to soundproof this room to help out those children with sensory needs. So, creating some sound-proofing features inside this room can really help to alienate any uncomfortable echoes.

How to Insulate the Bathroom for Noise

Soundproofing Bathroom Doors
A quick and easy way to start blocking out noise in the bathroom is to start with the bathroom door. Many interior doors are hollow and therefore poor when it comes to absorbing noises inside. Though you can of course change this door to a solid type, there is a less costly way to swiftly remedy noise here. 
All that is needed to seal the gaps around your bathroom door are self-adhesive weatherstrips and door sweeps. Self-adhesive weatherstrips can completely seal the gaps around your bathroom door to prevent any sounds from seeping in or out of this room. Then, a door sweep can be attached to the bottom of your bathroom door to further absorb sound from within. 
Soundproofing Bathroom Floors
Many of our bathroom flooring choices can enhance the noise and echo of this space. So, as a way of reducing noise here, most people will simply opt for a plush rug. But, rugs in the bathroom are safety hazards and the cause of many accidents in this environment. Not only do they move from underneath you but they also get wet and therefore pose more hazards to users.
Yet, there is a fantastic solution here in the form of vinyl tiles. Clicklux is a luxury waterproof and durable vinyl tiling choice that includes a built-in-underlay, is simple to install, and, more importantly, it’s great at aiding with sound insulation. Promoting instant warmth underfoot, Clicklux is waterproof and even suitable for use with underfloor heating for maximum comfort.
Soundproofing Bathroom Walls
As our bathroom walls are subject to ongoing water splashes and high levels of moisture, they may start to show signs of cracks. This can be easily remedied by using an all-weather joint compound to fill them before painting or tiling over. By sealing up cracks, you help to prevent sounds from escaping from his room.
But, you may find there’s one specific wall in your bathroom that is the culprit of sound loss. If so, there's an easier quick fix to this. Tiling this wall can add an extra layer to this area but another fantastic solution is to install a few wall panels to aid the sound in a particular area of your bathroom. Multipanels are quick and easy installation solutions that create sections and are 100% waterproof. 
However, you could also opt for a heated towel rail on a specific bathroom wall. Placing this tactically over the area in question, you can then add several thick, fluffy towels on the rail to soften and absorb sound.

Soundproof Your Bathroom Inexpensively

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way of soundproofing your bathroom, concentrating your efforts on the door, floor, and wall space is a great starting point. An inexpensive means of creating comfort in this busy space, just a few simple touches can bring an added level of harmony to all users. 
If you’re looking for help with soundproofing your bathroom, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.