With an abundance of styles, colours, and patterns available in both our bathroom tiles and bathroom wall panel collections, it can be challenging to decide between the two! Unfortunately, though, there’s no one right answer here. So, the choice of whether to go for tiles or wall panels in the bathroom is entirely dependent on personal preference. 
The point is that both choices have tremendous advantages and ultimately create a spectacular impression with all bathroom decor.
Here, The Bathroom Showroom offers a quick guide to the differences between the two, hopefully helping bring you closer to deciding as to which one would make an impression in your own bathroom.

What Are Bathroom Wall Panels?

Wall panels for the bathroom are simply large but slim waterproof panels that can be fitted all around the room. Constructed using plastic or vinyl, they’re easy to install, merely requiring an adhesive seal. As wall panels can be quickly cut to size, they work for most bathroom spaces, more commonly being used around shower areas, the bath, basin, and any other zones to suit.

Why Choose Wall Panels For Your Bathroom?

There are several reasons why people opt for wall panels over tiles in their bathrooms, including:
  • Wall panels provide a flush clean cut and flawless finish
  • They allow for quick and easy installation 
  • There’s a stunning choice of colours and patterns to choose from
  • They can be cut to size
  • Wall panels are usually low cost purchases 
  • Most panels can be fitted over existing tiles
  • They’re hygienic and waterproof
  • Are simple to maintain and reduce cleaning times!
  • Offer bathroom inspiration through various styles
The Bathroom Showroom proudly presents some of the most stunning-looking wall panels from industry-renowned names including, Multipanel and Mermaid
If you’re looking for tile effect bath panels, then The Tile Collection promotes that tactile grout appearance. The Linda Barker Collection offers designer-led solutions that will make your bathroom the envy of your visitors!
The Brilliance Acrylic wall panels provide a vibrant finish that will certainly bring your bathroom alive, while Elite Wall Panelling lends elegance to your bathroom decor.

What Are Bathroom Wall Tiles?

Wall tiles for the bathroom are the most common ways to protect a bathroom wall and can be fitted around the entire bathroom. With several material choices, from ceramic to porcelain, slate to stone, they offer immense variety when it comes to sizes, shapes, patterns, and colours. Providing a creative aspect to this space, bathroom wall tiles need grouting when applied to the wall but offer a small or vast coverage option.

Why Choose Tiles For Your Bathroom?

Ultimately, bathroom tiles have been and always will be the most popular choice for many when designing their bathrooms. The many reasons homeowners select tiles for this space include:
  • Bathroom tiles provide a neat and uniformed look
  • Tiles offer immense creative freedom 
  • Porcelain and ceramic tiles are considered easy DIY projects
  • They’re very durable solutions
  • Can be sealed to ensure waterproof finishes 
  • Are simple to keep clean
  • Tiles have many options to suit all budgets
  • They allow for varied patterns, combinations, and styles
The Bathroom Showroom presents some of the most exciting tile choices from industry-renowned ranges including, Lux Marble, Glide, Terrazzo, Antigua, and Melody to name just a few!
If you’re looking for on-trend tiles that make an instant statement piece, then Soleil hexagonal tiles are an utterly stunning bathroom addition. Yet, if it’s the most distinctive floral pattern you require, then Devonshire tiles enhance that creative edge. 
For a more natural-looking tile choice, Splitface and Skylar tiles are neutral tile choices that re-create a calming bathroom environment.

Should I Choose Wall Panels or Tiles for the Bathroom?

Overall, wall panels take less time to install and can be considered the less expensive choice of the two, especially when covering your entire bathroom. Yet, though tiles demand a more complex fitting process, they provide more in the range of bespoke designs. 
Ultimately, your choice may well simply come down to finding that perfect panel or tile design that you believe will offer you that stunning finish in your own space.
Whatever your final choice, both tiles and wall panels make great additions to the bathroom and work perfectly in this room. 
If you’re considering adding wall panels or tiles, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.