Heated towel rails for the bathroom offer a lot of luxury long term, and all for just a small investment. And, with autumn just around the corner, these perfect bathroom additions are once again growing in popularity. 
A great way to dry out damp towels and promote warm fluffy ones, many heated towel rails are also efficient at providing a good deal of heat to smaller bathrooms. Yet, heated towel rails also work well for bathroom design. Available in varied shapes, sizes, and materials, their modern finishing can help promote the desired décor for all styles of bathrooms.
Here The Bathroom Showroom explores the many advantages of installing a heated towel rail in the bathroom while helping you select the best type for your space.  

What Are the Different Types of Heated Towel Rails for the Bathroom?

There are three types of bathroom heated towel rails including central heating, electric and dual fuel. As each one is powered differently, your choice here will largely be a case of personal choice. 
However, if you’d prefer to use your towel rail all year round, then an electric or dual-fuel choice is better. A towel rail powered by central heating is ideal when heating the home, yet not so much during the warmer months.

How Do Heated Towel Rails Work?

A heated towel rail heats up when it’s connected to either your central heating system or mains electricity:
Towel Rails for Use With Central Heating:
Powered by your home’s central heating system, these towel rails work when your central heating is on. Yet, when it’s switched off, so is your towel rail. Though this is an ideal solution for keeping towels and the bathroom warm over winter, it’s less effective throughout summer. 
If you want to keep your towels warm throughout the summer and warmer months, the only way to do this on such a towel rail is to turn on the central heating system, thus heating the entire home.  
Towel Rails for Use With Electricity:
Powered by the home's main electricity supply, an electric heated towel rail is a safe option as it’s double insulated. As they aren’t reliant on your central heating, an electric towel rail is easily controllable via a switch. 
So, you can switch it on whenever you want to heat your towels but don’t want to add any heat to the rest of your home, making it perfect for summer use. 
Towel Rails for Use With Both Electricity and Central Heating:
Powered by both electricity and central heating, a dual fuel heated towel rail offers homeowners the best of both worlds! This option allows you to power and heat your towel rail during winter in line with the rest of your home. Yet, during summer you can also choose to keep the rail on but just in the bathroom itself via the switch. 

Why a Heated Towel Rail for the Bathroom Is a Fantastic Addition

  • Superior Comfort and Luxurious Experience
Heated towel rails add that unique touch of luxury in both visibility and useability. Wrapping yourself in a warm, cosy towel after a refreshing shower or bath on a chilly morning is a slice of heaven. A fixture that's no longer exclusive to luxury hotels, heated towel rails now allow you to indulge in the comfort of your bathroom.
  • Improved Bathroom Hygiene
Damp towels left in this room are the perfect breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. But these rails help keep your towels dry, thus promoting a bacteria-free environment. So heated towel rails have the ability to enhance bathroom cleanliness.  
  • Fabulous Aesthetic Appeal
Bathroom heated towel rails seamlessly pair functionality with style. Available in various designs and finishes that make your bathroom look sleek and modern, they can improve your home's aesthetic appeal. Better still, they’re the more streamlined of bathroom fixtures, thus taking up less room than radiators. So, when paired with underfloor heating, they help promote a neat space. 
  • Increased Energy Efficiency
Heated towel rails can be exceptionally energy-efficient as they require less energy compared to conventional radiators. Installing such rails can help increase your home's energy efficiency, thus potentially reducing your energy bills, long-term. 

Where To Buy Bathroom Heated Towel Rails

The Bathroom Showroom is the proud stockist of a number of spectacular-looking heated towel rails. 
The amazing Horton, Vetro, Strand, Elcot, Eversley, and Richmond models from Towelrads are all beautiful but practical choices that both enhance and warm the bathroom. 
And our very own iflo brand showcases a superb varied range of models including Furnas, Tanami, Alayta, Milos, Socorro, Santorini, and Cereme, to name just a few!

Add a Touch of Warmth and Luxury To Your Bathroom

Whether it's for heightened luxury, enhanced bathroom hygiene, a refined aesthetic appeal, or increased energy efficiency, the amazing benefits of heated towel rails unquestionably make them a worthwhile investment. And, with so many designs available, you’re sure to find the best-heated towel rail to suit your requirements. 
If you’re considering adding a heated towel rail, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.