When creating dream bathrooms, bathroom toilets can help heighten the design of this space. Not just an everyday bathroom essential, a fabulous toilet will make a statement. A good quality toilet choice can also aid user experience. Yet, with so many amazing types of bathroom toilets available, it can be difficult selecting just one!
The Bathroom Showroom is the go-to expert for recommending bathroom suites and furniture to complement this room. So, here we consider which toilets would work well in several bathroom designs.

What Bathroom Toilet Is the Best Solution for My Design?

The best bathroom toilet should fit perfectly in its allocated space and be in keeping with the current bathroom decor. With all bathroom designs varying greatly in size, shape, and style your choice here largely depends on your preferred design and the availability of space you have to maneuver around this bathroom fixture.
  • Bathrooms That Are Short on Space
If you have a small bathroom, you’ll want to be sure that all your bathroom fittings work, and nowhere is that more important than the toilet. So, a smaller, more compact type here, like that of a wall hung toilet, is a fantastic solution.  
In fact, wall hung bathroom furniture is an immensely popular choice with many homeowners. Wall hung toilets are elevated designs which help to free up more space than regular toilets. As the cistern and pipework are hidden in the wall, just the toilet itself is visible, providing a good gap underneath it for light to flow through.
The Bathroom Showroom sells a superb range of wall hung toilets that work well in all smaller bathrooms. With famous brand names and collections such as Roca Debba, Ideal Standard A, iflo Serino, Roca The Gap, and VitrA S50, small bathroom spaces need not compromise on style. 
  • Large Bathrooms With Plentiful Space
If you have a large bathroom space, you’ll have more options when choosing a toilet. Yet, often those larger bathroom designs create their own issues with many homeowners struggling to fill that extra space. However, the close coupled toilet, the most common type of toilet, is perfect for a large bathroom and ideal for helping create zones in your bathroom.
Close coupled toilets are a big hit with many homeowners as they promote a clean, stylish and neat fit but most importantly come complete with a selection of fantastic features. Such added benefits enhance the comfort of all users of this space. And, as these toilet types have a cistern attached to the back of the toilet bowl, they offer a nice unformed fit in almost any section of a larger bathroom.
The Bathroom Showroom promotes a spectacular range of close coupled toilet designs to suit all larger bathrooms. From renowned brands and collections such as VitrA Zentrum, Roca Adena, Ideal Standard Philosophy, iflo Herita, and iflo Galene, many provide the option of soft-close seats and dual flush features here. 
  • Bathrooms Looking To Add the Wow Factor
You may have a unique traditional bathroom decor or perhaps you want to make your toilet area a focal feature of your room. If so, then a toilet choice that stands out from the rest is the perfect accompaniment here. And, what better way to wow your visitors than with that of a high level toilet!
High level toilets are wonderfully simple to use, but their prominent design features are both a wall mounted toilet, connected by an exposed flush pipe to a floor standing pan. Finished with a detailed pulley or lever design they certainly provide a striking feature that offers something different to standard toilet types. 
Referred to as a traditional choice, though they promote a Victorian look, high level toilets are also ideal for using when you’re combining traditional with modern décor. 
The Bathroom Showroom offers wonderful high level toilet designs from Heritage Dorchester and Heritage Granley, all designed to add a unique flair to your bathroom design.

Find the Best Toilet for Your Bathroom

At The Bathroom Showroom, we understand the importance of selecting quality bathroom suites that work long-term for your bathroom and circumstances. So, when it comes to selecting the right toilet for your needs, we’re proud to offer an array of designs that cater to all circumstances. No longer an aspect overlooked when planning, there are so many wonderful options available when choosing a toilet for your home.
If you're looking for help selecting the best toilet, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.