When creating bathroom space, zones can help divide areas and make them feel separate. Zones add interest to this room by putting a sense of distance between areas. They do this by drawing attention to and highlighting fixtures and fittings. Overall, defined zones in a small bathroom make it feel more spacious. The fabulous thing about creating zones is that they don't have to be expensive. Here, The Bathroom Showroom shows you two simple ways to create bathroom zones.

1. The Toilet Zone

For many people when creating zones, the most common is around the toilet!
As well as housing the toilet, this area usually contains much toilet paraphernalia. These are the many items most of us would rather not promote. This includes toilet brushes, toilet rolls, and toilet cleaners.
Regrettably, this area is usually left until last when decorating or gets missed out completely.  Yet, a little bathroom inspiration here provides an opportunity to create a spectacular zone.
  • Install a Toilet Unit
Toilet units, like those from the iflo Rhea collection, are becoming increasingly popular modern options. Available in a selection of striking colours, these are stunning furniture units that hide the toilet's cistern. The result is a streamlined and elegant finish. Such pieces create a stand-out feature and zone.
  • Consider a Wall-Hung Unit
If space is minimal here, a wall-hung toilet will work wonders. Wall-hung toilets are suspended off the floor to create a sensational floating effect. These are also simple, no-fuss modern designs that take up very little room. Yet, they certainly deliver as a focal point! Wall-hung toilets, like those from the iflo Serino collection, are easier to clean and maintain.  
  • Tile Around the Toilet Area
Consider selecting a different shade, style, and colour of tile here from that of your bathroom. Tiling the toilet area differently can instantly create a zone. Whatever your choice here, bathroom tiles can section off this area and promote a cleaner look. Tiles offer modern bathroom ideas to improve such tricky areas.
  • Add Lighting Options
By layering up the lighting in the bathroom, you can instantly create a zone. The best choice for the toilet area includes a dimmable light. The Hib Ceiling Light is a perfect choice here. Not only is it small and stylish, but has controlled colour changes. This means you can vary the colour of this zone to suit your mood. 
  • Jazz up the Flooring
A different flooring choice around the toilet area creates a distinction between here and the rest of the room. Opt for a soft cushioned flooring, like ClickLux, which is suitable for use with underfloor heating. This lets you instantly create warmth underfoot while aiding sound insulation.

2. The Vanity Zone

The vanity area of a bathroom is a fabulous place for zoning. The place for daily tasks and an ongoing traffic flow, this is an easy place to section. You can also instantly design a statement piece in the bathroom with a zone here. Showcasing those expensive everyday bottles and lotions, a vanity zone in the bathroom is practical. It's also a charming bathroom feature.
  • Add a Countertop Basin
Countertop basins provide fantastic bathroom inspiration with their show-stopping designs. On-trend and creative, they resemble a large bowl which creates a statement piece. What's more, the countertop basin allows you to select the best vanity unit to house them in. This means you can opt for a complementary vanity unit and develop a stunning zone. The iflo Aliano and iflo Serino ranges provide superb countertop basin shapes. 
  • Consider Wall-Hung Vanity Units
Wall-hung vanity units add fantastic dimensions to this bathroom space. Creating that floating effect, they allow light to flow through underneath them. This means opening up the vanity zone. The iflo Serino wall-hung units offer mix and match unit and drawer colours. This allows you to create a unique look and enhance your vanity zone. 
  • Light up the Area 
Vanity zones are fabulous places to install more than one light. A selection of task lighting allows you to layer light here while drawing attention to your stunning unit choices. Consider eye-catching wall lights, like Spa Hollywood, and light bars like the Spa Scopius. These help to put the spotlight on the vanity zone. This way you can make this bathroom zone an enviable one. 
  • Make Your Mirror the Star Attraction 
A vanity area with a spectacular-sized mirror can capture attention and draw the eye. Getting the right mirror choice over this unit creates a fantastic zone. Large mirrors like the Hib Globe capture both the light and the eye. What's more, mirrors refine and stylise this area creating a place that you'll love spending time in.
  • Create Interest With Tiles
The walls around your vanity area are perfect for playing with texture, pattern, and colour when tiling. Working to bring this zone to life, here you can add identity through eye-catching designs.The Soleil tile range is an on-trend hexagonal design that can be laid in several patterns to suit. By selecting themes just for the vanity area, you can create unique bathroom tile ideas for this zone.

Using Zones Can Help Create Beautiful Small Bathrooms

Zones work to create an illusion of distance, making them perfect bathroom ideas for small rooms. Better still, with a little creativity, they provide a unique look when creating that dream bathroom.
If you're looking for help creating zones in your bathroom, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.