Bathroom taps are an essential part of any bathroom design. So, choosing the right style makes a big difference to the look and feel of this space. From mixer taps to brushed brass taps, there's a variety of popular bathroom tap styles to choose from. 
The Bathroom Showroom showcases several popular bathroom taps. Helping you find the perfect fit, here we explore some of our currently trending tap designs.

What Are the Best Bathroom Taps to Buy?

Whether you’re looking to replace, repair, or simply try out a new look, the best bathroom taps can transform your basin or bath. Yet with so many choices, it can be hard knowing where to start! However, several interesting tap designs seem to be the most popular among homeowners when it comes to creating that dream bathroom, including mixer taps, black taps, brushed brass taps, and freestanding taps. 
  • Mixer Taps
A bathroom mixer tap is a most simplistic choice but one that provides the most effortless of actions! Via just the use of one spout, mixer taps combine hot and cold water, mixing the water in the spout to control both the temperature and flow from the one handle. Bathroom mixer taps are also considered the easiest when installing. 
Basin mixer taps, like the Bristan Frenzy Chrome Basin Mixer, are stylish angular taps. Not only durable and easy to use, their sleek modern but extremely modest design creates a spectacularly clean and flawless look. 
Bath shower mixer taps, and taps with a shower attachment are practical combinations allowing users to personalise their bathing experience. The iflo Santerno is a popular bath shower mixer largely thanks to its stunning oval design and its lever-style handles that boast ease of use.
  • Black Taps
Colour taps, and most especially black taps, have surged in popularity. Helping create modern and contemporary décor, matt black finishes are a popular trend in bathroom taps right now. With their sleek finish, matt black taps add instant sophistication to any bathroom design. Available in a variety of styles, from simple and streamlined to more ornate and decorative, matt black also pairs well with a variety of other finishes, including brushed brass and chrome.
The superb Roca Ona collection is a new range of bathroom taps offering several design choices. Boasting a unique Everlux PVD Rose Gold and Titanium Black Brassware, these immensely popular black taps are fantastic for displaying in all modern-style bathrooms. 
Another popular and striking black basin mixer is the Methvian Amio. Stylish and modernly shaped, this spectacular black tap boasts ceramic technology for improved performance and is easy to use thanks to its lever handle design.
  • Brushed Brass Taps
Brushed brass taps bring a touch of richness and warmth to the bathroom. Although initially considered a traditional style, brushed brass can also work well in many contemporary bathroom designs. A unique colour, brushed brass is distinctive yet can equally be paired well with many other styles, making for a perfect accent colour choice.  
Gaining in popularity with many looking to take their brassware to the next level, brushed brass is also surprisingly easy to care for. This is also another reason for the surge in brushed brass taps right now among many busy households.
Crosswater showcases an exceptional selection of brushed brass taps. From the contemporary Crosswater MPRO collection to the sleek Crosswater Glide II range and the raw Crosswater MPRO Industrial choices to the spectacular Crosswater Union tap selections, this brand is so on-trend, promoting high-quality detailed designs throughout.
  • Floor Mounted Taps
Finally, increasing in popularity is the wonderfully distinct floor-mounted tap. Though these are a more individual choice of bathroom tap, floor-standing taps certainly create a focal piece in the bathroom! With more homeowners relishing the idea of luxurious freestanding baths, the floor-mounted tap is the perfect finishing tap of choice to complete this look.
Mounted to the floor and connected by the underfloor pipework, freestanding bath taps make a statement and ensure that wow factor. Though they are the costlier of choices when compared to standard bath taps, they're a durable, sturdy construction choice that ensures a good long-term investment. So, for homeowners looking to create a spectacular display in their homes, a floor-mounted tap choice is certainly a delightful way of making the most of this space. 
The Crosswater collection is our most popular choice for floor-mounted taps. Offering some of the most distinct designs, these sought-after tap choices include the Crosswater MRPO, Crosswater MRPO Industrial, and the spectacular Crosswater Union range. Showcasing tremendous finishes, from chrome and brushed nickel to brushed brass and brushed black chrome, the Crosswater brand combines high-quality construction with high-quality cartridge technology to ensure a freestanding tap solution that goes the distance. 

The Best Bathroom Taps to Buy Are All Available at The Bathroom Showroom

From switching out currently worn taps to jazzing up your bathroom decor, your choice of bathroom tap can greatly enhance the look and feel of this room. 
With some of the most sought-after bathroom taps available, The Bathroom Showroom can help you complete your dream bathroom design. With a vast selection of good-quality taps and the most reputable brands, we can help you achieve the perfect look for your bathroom needs. 
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