Though they're bathroom essentials, not many of us pay attention to our toilet choice! But, toilet designs are becoming more innovative and stylish. This means they can greatly help when designing your dream bathroom. Yet, there are so many fabulous toilets available. So, selecting the best one means making sure it fits your space perfectly, as well as looking spectacular.
Here, The Bathroom Showroom discusses current popular toilet types on the market. Providing bathroom inspiration we help you choose a toilet to suit your needs.

The Five Types of Toilet Trending Now

1. Close Coupled Toilet 
Perhaps the most well-recognised and common of toilet types is the close-coupled design. For many years, the close-coupled toilet has been a bathroom favourite. The easiest toilet to install, this toilet design is simplistic. With a separate cistern attached to the back of the toilet bowl, the pipework in these toilets is hidden. This makes for a clean, simple, and neat choice.  
Yet, though close-coupled are basic toilet types, many offer fantastic variations in their design. The iflo Cascada close coupled toilet, for example, provides a soft close, top fixed seat. Whereas, the iflo Rhea close coupled toilet has a rimless close-coupled pan option.
Close-coupled toilets are best for modern and traditional bathroom designs. This is because they blend in with almost any scheme. They're also ideal when looking for a quick and easy replacement toilet. 
2. Back to Wall Toilet 
A back-to-wall toilet is a streamlined floor-standing toilet that doesn't have the cistern fixed to the bowl. Like with the iflo Galene back-to-wall toilet, the cistern here can be hidden from view. A popular way of doing this is attaching it to a WC unit. Many of these come with a pre-installed cistern. 
What’s more, most of these units offer a selection of colours and designs to suit. This further enhances your bathroom decor. The result is a simplistic and fuss-free toilet that gives more room meanwhile. 
Back-to-wall toilets are perfect for those smaller bathrooms as they create space. They’re also a fabulous choice for contemporary and modern bathrooms with such sleek designs. 
3. Wall Hung Toilet
Gaining attention right now are spectacular-looking wall-hung toilets. As modern toilets, these really do stand out in the bathroom because they give a floating impression. The result of this is the illusion of more space. This is because light flows freely underneath wall-hung toilets, thus opening up the area. 
Perfect examples of these toilet types are the iflo Rhea, and iflo Serino models. Wall hung toilets are also preferable for their stream-lined look. This comes from having no visible pipework and a cistern that is completely hidden from view.
Wall-hung toilets are best for modern and minimalist styled bathrooms, as well as rooms short on space. They also work well for those looking for easier to clean toilet choices.
4. High Level Toilet
The traditional WC and high-level toilet unit is making a fabulous design comeback. Selected by many for its stunning style, this statement toilet exudes nostalgia. Many love its traditional, almost Victorian, look. 
This type of toilet is wall mounted with a low-level floor standing pan and a high-level cistern. Both are connected by an exposed flush pipe and completed with a pulley or lever design for the flush. The Heritage Stratford Suite includes a gorgeous high-level toilet that showcases a period design.
High-level toilets are great in bathrooms as an eye-catching statement piece and for those with high ceilings. They also work well in bathrooms looking to renovate and recreate that traditional style. 
5. Shower Toilet
Finally, another fabulous toilet type on the radar is the shower toilet. Featuring innovative designs, shower toilets are favourites with those keen on their technology. With varied functions and features, they also offer a streamlined look to any bathroom design. 
A toilet and bidet all in one, shower toilets like the VitrA V-Care are more hygienic options. With their rimless pans, features can vary greatly in each model. Yet, most provide automatic open and close features alongside jet options and dryer temperatures. 
Shower toilets are perfect for gadget-loving fans. They also work at encouraging better bathroom hygiene for all users.

The Best Toilet Can Greatly Improve Your Bathroom Design 

Finding the best toilet type for your bathroom can make all the difference to a bathroom design. Yet, as you can see here, there are so many fantastic types and options available. So, no longer is the toilet overlooked when it comes to creating your dream bathroom. 
Take a look at our toilet buying guide for further bathroom ideas before making your final choice. 
If you're looking for help choosing the best toilet, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.