As we look to the future of the bathroom, one thing that has never looked more exciting is bathroom technology! Helping us to reshape one of the busiest rooms in the home, the technology we choose for our bathroom can greatly improve both this space and our daily routines.
Here at The Bathroom Showroom, we consider what bathroom appliances could help you create a thoroughly practical and functional dream bathroom that remains the envy of all your visitors.

What Does the Bathroom of the Future Look Like?

One of the prominent bathroom trends of 2023 is a smarter bathroom space. This is largely because many of us want to create a seamless bathroom experience for all members of the home.
After a tough few years, we’re paying more attention to our self-care and health. Also, the time that we spend in our bathroom now has to count more as we look to streamline our morning and evening routines. 
From family households to couples, most of us want to want to utilise our bathrooms and add in those high-tech bathroom gadgets that can make our lives easier and better all around. 
So, as our attention turns to the bathroom space, we’re going to see smarter solutions in the form of improved showers, mirrors, and lighting choices.

The Best Modern Bathroom Technology 

Improved Shower Technology
No longer just a means of keeping clean, more of us are demanding showers that offer multiple functions, spa-like experiences, rejuvenating qualities, and indeed a more personalised experience for all users. Yet, we also want our showers to actively help us reduce our water usage and, of course, our energy bills.
Smart showers, like the Aqualisa Quartz Classic, take such requests into account and provide a fully immersive showing solution that can be tailored to suit. A thermostatically connected shower with an immersive round drencher, this can help make water savings of up to 33%. App-connected, controlled by wi-fi, and voice-activated, the Aqualisa takes showering to the next level. 
Improved Mirror Technology
A bathroom essential that’s often left until last when designing a bathroom, bathroom mirrors of the future will play a crucial role. No longer merely a décor piece, a smart bathroom mirror that helps us get ready better and quicker is one of the most sought-after bathroom fittings.
This means mirrors with heated pads, touch switches, built-in backlit LED lights, colour changing temperatures, infrared sensors controls, demister switches, and integrated shaving sockets to name but a few!
The Hib Platform is a super piece of bathroom mirror technology. With an illuminated glass shelf, precision LED and heated pad, this also boasts an integrated wireless phone and toothbrush charger.
Improved Lighting Technology
Effortless to control, low on energy usage, and with the ability to create any type of atmosphere, smart bathroom lighting has never been in greater demand. 
As we look for more from our lighting in this room, the future of bathroom lighting involves choosing the brightness or dimness of this room, selecting a favourite colour, and veering between practical task lighting and comforting layer lighting. Yet, all the while it does this via a compatible device or remote control. But, more importantly, it does all this while keeping energy usage low. 
A smart bathroom light such as the Hib Rhythm Ceiling light can change the entire look and feel of your space. Boasting energy-saving LED illumination, this light allows you to personalise your bathroom experience each time. With remote control operation for both lighting and music, the Hib Rhythm allows effortless Bluetooth connectivity with compatible devices.

The Bathroom Of The Future Is An Exciting Prospect

With technology in bathrooms promising some of the most exciting possibilities, the future of the bathroom is smart in many ways! Enhancing this essential space for the better, being smart about your bathroom purchases can help you budget better for the future, creating a space where all members can happily spend as much time as they like.
If you’re considering adding new bathroom technology, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.