As we enter a new year full of hope and possibilities, plenty of fresh and inspiring new looks await us in the bathroom! 
Our experts at The Bathroom Showroom share with you 10 bathroom trends that we’re excited to see more of in 2023. Revealing the latest in bathroom ideas, these trends will offer bathroom inspiration for the year ahead.

The Latest Trends for Bathrooms

  • Smart Technology Bathroom Trends 2023

We’re all looking for ways to make those busy morning runs and evenings run smoother. So, we’ll see a rise in bathroom technology in 2023. Useful and controllable Smart technology will be a go-to for those looking to combine simplicity with luxury this year.
Showers that provide flawless all-round performance, like Mira and Aqualisa Digital Showers, and smart toilet choices like VitrA and Roca that personalise water temperature and water pressure settings to suit will be a top consideration.
Remote-controlled and Bluetooth bathroom lighting like Hib Ceiling Lights will excel at playing music while offering vast lighting colour choices.
Modern mirrors with heated pads like Hib Ambience, mirrors with demister switches like iflo Eclipse, and mirrors boasting colour-changing illumination like the Hib Solstice will also fare well in 2023. 
  • Spa-Like Bathrooms Continue to Evolve

As we continue to look for ways to increase mindfulness in our homes, our bathrooms will play a crucial role as our sanctuary this year. Helping to improve our mental health and boost our self-care, spa-like bathrooms will surge as luxurious and pampered spaces.  
Bathroom fittings and fixtures such as rainfall showers, like the Grohe Rain Shower, will help create the ultimate immersive showering experience. Adding spa-lighting choices like the Spa Corvus, Spa Ecti, and Spa Ion will instantly transform the bathroom into a spa, all the while doing so on a budget.
  • Japandi Style Bathrooms Will Remain Highly Sought After 

Japandi dominated 2022, yet the good news is that it isn't going away anytime soon! Continuing to perform well and rule in 2023, this bathroom trend will carry on making waves.
Promoting one of the most effortless aesthetics, Japandi is the perfect style for any bathroom type. Offering fabulous bathroom inspiration, it combines minimalism, an injection of nature, black accents, muted colours, and texture all in one.
  • Bathroom Lighting Will Provide Greater Bathroom Inspiration 

Bathroom lighting choices will become more selective in 2023 as more of us look to add those light choices that help reduce our energy usage. Though we’re more conscious about our electrical consumption, we don't need to compromise on fabulous lighting designs. This will be the year of amazing opportunities for styling the bathroom through lighting.
From layering your bathroom with plinth lights from Pro Light to adding the perfect finishing touch with downlights from 4lite, Aurora, and Robus, the best bathroom lighting trends in 2023 will help you direct your decor and style as you get creative with wonderful new designs.
  • Exquisite Bathroom Mirrors Will Become A Focal Point

Bathroom mirrors will become a focal point for many bathrooms in 2023, especially as we start to see some of the most stunning modern designs selected.
The Bathroom Showroom has an astounding selection of some of the most beautifully designed mirrors. From the minimalist design such as the Hib Trim Curve to the polished Hib Solas with mirrored sides or the distinctive outer patterning of the Hib Bellus.
Your choice of bathroom mirror can transform your entire room and add an instant wow factor, no matter the size or style of your space.
  • Off-White Bathrooms Will Promote Greater Warmth 

Lots of us are looking to incorporate elements of warmth into our bathrooms. So, the all-white look will gradually start to incorporate a more off-white preference.
As we strive for lighter tones, this trend for 2023 will be about bringing a glow to this space. Helping to create a sense of calmness in this room, bathroom colour schemes such as creams, gentle pinks, and many soothing neutrals will be sought out.
Whether through textiles, fixtures, fittings, or tiles, many will consider calming colours in 2023. This will help to create more balance in our bathrooms.
  • The Natural-Looking Bathroom Design Will Hold Greater Appeal

As we turn to our bathrooms, considering them more of a sanctuary, bringing the outside in will become a popular bathroom idea in 2023. We'll begin to understand the association of surrounding ourselves with natural materials in this room. Linking this with more positive associations, natural bathroom designs will fare well this year.
The natural look can be enhanced with the simple act of adding the best plants for the bathroom environment. It can also work well by selecting bathroom tile trends such as Riverstone, Nicewood, Glide, and Skyla choices to emulate soft and gentle marble, stone, and wood choices.
  • More of Us Will Experiment With Blending Bathroom Styles

We’ve already witnessed a surge in blending bathroom styles that will continue well into 2023.
Whether it's a case of mixing the old with the new, combining minimalism with maximalism in specific areas, or simply playing with designs, more of us will become confident in blending styles in our bathroom spaces this year.
  • Adding Varied Textures to the Bathroom Will Increase

With more of us wanting to create a cosy space, our choice of textures in the bathroom will increase in 2023. 
Adding texture to your bathroom space combines dual elements of cosiness and practicality. Textures promote an inviting environment and can really make a statement in this room. Yet, they also work to increase warmness and layering, when using towels, rugs, blinds, and window coverings.
  • Curves and Soft Lines Will Become a Bathroom Design Focus

Finally, in a bid to soften our bathrooms, curves and soft lines will be a pivotal part of bathroom designs in 2023.
Focusing on the shapes of our ceilings, walls, baths, basins, toilets, and other fixtures and fittings, will help to reduce any starkness. In turn, this will work to create a more relaxed bathroom space as your design flows more naturally and boasts more natural curves. 

The Bathroom Showroom Can Help You Create the Latest Bathroom Trends 

If you’re looking to add some of the new bathroom trends for 2023 into your current bathroom space, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.