As we pay more attention to our bathrooms and indeed spend more time in them, it’s little wonder that more of us are realising the power of a thoroughly relaxing bathroom space. Yet, one of the most seemingly popular trends of late is to add more than one plant to the bathroom. A thriving collection of houseplants in the bathroom can actually do wonders for our mental health while simultaneously purifying the air.
Here The Bathroom Showroom considers why adding plants to your bathroom provides a great opportunity for increasing mindfulness.

Three Ways Adding Plants To The Bathroom Can Increase Mindfulness

So, why put plants in the bathroom? Not only do plants look fantastic in this space, but they bring nature inside while reminding us of the beauty of life and growth.
1. Plants Are Visually Calming
With the ability to change our mood for the better, plants can spark many wonderful memories and transport us back to happy times. This is especially so if you select certain houseplants that remind you of your childhood and fond family memories. 
Such plant choices will hold the most positive of associations and provide instant relief whenever you step into your bathroom. Plants are a spectacular form of visual therapy as they can change the appearance of your bathroom space for the better. Dotting them around a room in places where you can see them constantly gives you a beautiful focal point. 
What’s more, there are certainly colourful choices of plants that you can add to ensure a powerful stimulant on emotions. From warm reds to calming greens, soothing blues to cheery yellows, alongside plants with amazing scents, there's a plant choice to suit everyone.
2. Plants Bring the Outside In
For many people, having a plant or two in the bathroom encourages us to open up the windows and let air in. It’s also a great motivator for letting in the daylight. Yet, what we’re also doing here is improving our mood with natural light, fresh airflow, and sometimes even gaining front-row seats to the wonderful sound of birdsong from outside!
A natural air purification addition, plants can help improve the air quality of the room. By absorbing carbon dioxide, plants release oxygen into their nearby surroundings. This is particularly helpful in a room such as a bathroom whereby mould and condensation can prove troublesome and create an unhealthy environment. So, varied plants around this room can help to reduce the build-up of any potential toxins in the bathroom.
Engaging with nature in this room stimulates our senses while nourishing our minds. Having a most positive physical and mental effect on well-being, bringing the outside in helps when we can’t always make it outside, or when we simply want to escape and unwind.
3. Plants Highlight the Positives of Change and Growth 
Plants are living things and can therefore help bring a home alive. But crucially, plants need nurturing, and it’s when tendering to them that we can connect with nature and reduce our stress levels as we focus our attention on them. In return, as we continue to take care of plants, we’re able to see the many changes such additions encounter - noting their growth as a sense of achievement. 
Though you may not consider yourself to have green fingers, with the right plant that thrives in these considerations, you can certainly sit back, admire, and appreciate its changes and growth. Plants are a happy distraction and the joy many of us get from seeing a healthy plant that's thriving under our care can change our perception of our own self. Ultimately, plants remind us that life too has many phases and, with a little bit of nurturing, growth is possible.

What Are the Best Plants for the Bathroom?

The key to selecting the best plants for this space is to consider their origin and the plant’s native environment. For example, tropical plants will fare superbly here in this rich moisture high humidity environment. Yet, if you’re now considering adding one or two plants to your bathroom space, take a look at our blog post where we suggest five houseplants that thrive in this spectacular environment.
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