There’s nothing more inviting in a bathroom than a carefully chosen scent. Adding an autumn aroma can create an environment you'll never want to leave! A gorgeously scented bathroom can increase your overall well-being. So, you leave the house feeling more energised and retire for the night noticeably calmer. 
The Bathroom Showroom suggests several autumn scents for bathroom inspiration during this most colourful of seasons. 
Recreating the Scents of Autumn
Autumn scents are spicy, sweet, and deliciously fragrant. They're infused with richness and work to both equally energise and calm. Autumn aromas also take us back to our youth. They link all the exciting things associated with this colourful ever-changing season. 
Think sweet and spicy aromas derived from home-made baking. Think of crisp mornings in the park and evenings snuggled in front of the fireplace. Think of that stunning changing colour of the leaves.
Autumn scents should work to keep you invigorated. Yet they should also help you notice and appreciate the fast pace of life starting to slow down.
The 6 Scents of Autumn 
1. Pumpkin 
A typical autumn fruit, adding pumpkin as a bathroom aroma certainly sets the scene for this season! Pumpkin is a musky and spicy fragrance. It's immediately identifiable and evokes good sweet autumn memories. Creating a warm and inviting environment, its use in the bathroom will lift the mood and spirit. A fabulous strong scent, pumpkin is also a great addition for mental and physical well-being. It can calm and relax the body while helping improve sleep.
2. Cinnamon
Cinnamon is a deliciously sweet scent. Many of us closely identify this with the autumn months. With a warm and soothing aroma, cinnamon is said to reduce stress. This makes it a great bathroom scent when bringing a sense of calm to the room. However, cinnamon can also be an effective aroma in supporting the immune system. It does this by offering some respite from cold and flu symptoms. A beautifully rich spicy scent, a bathroom cinnamon aroma creates a warm and inviting cosy retreat. 
3. Ginger 
Yet another scent with a wonderful comforting effect is that of ginger. Adding ginger as a bathroom scent encourages a sense of grounding. A warm and spicy aroma, ginger is powerful at evoking fabulous memories and emotions. This makes it a fantastic autumn scent. When used in the bathroom, ginger also boosts the energy of the room. This results in increased alertness, creating energy and revitalising. Many people also find that the aroma of ginger works to calm, heal, and relieve anxiety. 
4. Nutmeg 
With its distinct woody aroma, nutmeg is a thoroughly pleasant scent. When used in the bathroom, it provides a wonderful body and mind stimulant. Nutmeg is a thoroughly relaxing scent that evokes wonderful autumn vibes. But, it's also said to calm and comfort while improving blood circulation. By adding nutmeg as a bathroom scent, you can reduce stress and exhaustion and improve overall efficiency. Nutmeg is considered by many to be the spice of life. This scent is a fabulous energiser and uplifting choice. 
5. Cedarwood
Stepping away from the spicy aroma, cedarwood provides a more herbal and earthy scent. Known for its amazing properties of strength, cedarwood is also another fabulous grounding choice. When used in the bathroom it can offer a soothing aid while reducing any nervous tensions. Creating a less stressful environment, cedarwood helps improve concentration levels. This makes it a perfect bathroom scent choice for early morning when preparing for the day ahead.
6. Vanilla
For a  delicious autumn-inspired aroma, vanilla is a truly wonderful bathroom scent. Creating some wonderful vibes in the room, vanilla is a luxurious but ultimately fun choice. Adding it as an aroma, vanilla also brings instant balance to a bathroom. Yet, it works wonders at instantly freshening up the environment. It also brings an element of long-lasting fragrance to the room. Many people find vanilla scents help when reducing feelings of anxiety and depression. What's more, this pleasant bathroom aroma can encourage a great night’s sleep.
How to Bring the Scent of Autumn Into Your Bathroom
There are so many ways to add scent to your bathroom. From potpourri to candles, reed diffusers to essential oils, take a look at our blog on how to use scents for bathroom ambience. 
This will help you make the most of the autumn season and enjoy its colourful spicy aromas every time you step foot in the bathroom. 
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