When choosing bathroom colour schemes, many of us tend to opt for calming and relaxing colours. However, the bathroom can also be a place to lift our spirits and invigorate us for the day ahead. So, a fabulous way to enhance that energy is through the use of a vibrant colour choice. Selecting the best bathroom colours can help create a spectacular inspiring bathroom environment. Here The Bathroom Showroom offers you some ideas for choosing good bathroom colours that motivate you.

How Do I Introduce Colour to My Bathroom?

We’ve spoken on the blog before about choosing colours to create a calm bathroom environment. But when it comes to adding energy to the room, brighter colours can be equally as important.
You may not feel entirely confident just yet in adding colour. Or you may want to start bringing it into your room gradually. This is in fact the perfect way to start with brighter bathroom colours.
These colour choices can provide a much-needed boost to the bathroom. The great thing though is that a vibrant colour doesn't always have to be your bathroom's main colour theme. It can also be used through:
  • Wall panels
  • Baths
  • Vanity cupboards
  • Flooring
  • Splashbacks
  • Towels 
  • Bathroom mat sets
  • Shower curtains
  • LED lights
  • Accent walls
  • Tiles
  • Mirrors
  • Wall art
  • Plants

Three Popular Vibrant Bathroom Colours

  • Red
A primary colour, red symbolises positivity and passion. An instantly warming hue, red has the power to enthuse and energise. Having a real physical effect, this is the colour that can instantly uplift a mood and make us feel happier.
A dominant choice, using red in the bathroom can work well for the main colour when that red is darker, richer, and the most elegant hue. 
To prevent that sense of overwhelmingness when using red as the primary bathroom colour,  think of maroon and wine reds, burgundy, salsa, Persian, plum, and ruby reds. 
If you want to use red in the bathroom but consider it a bit too much, try using it as an accent colour instead. The Dark Drama look is the perfect bathroom style for adding elements of red.
  • Orange
As a secondary colour, orange is yet another meaningful choice and one that also emits energy and vibrancy. A fiery hue, orange is often considered an earthy colour, typically associated with the autumn season. 
However, for many people, orange promotes creativity, change, and movement. This is the colour most identified with the fruit, signalling a sense of vitality when used in the bathroom. 
Some people prefer orange as an alternative to red because of its ability to command attention without being as strong or as overpowering as some red colours can be.
When used as a main bathroom colour, those peachy, rusty, bronze, amber, and spiced oranges add a zesty colour choice while keeping a sense of balance throughout. 
But, if you’re after a dash of orange colour pop, you can look at tying it together, mixing it in, or accenting it with your current decor for a boost of freshness.
  • Purple
A rich colour with hardy tones, purple is a secondary colour that offers variation from your typical bathroom hues. Combining those two other popular colours of red and blue, purple is a fantastic creative choice. 
This is the hue that when used to its full potential can lend elements of luxury and elegance to the room. The great thing about purple is that both dark and lighter colour tones can be equally effective in the bathroom environment.
Light purple colours like lilac, opal, lavender and orchid signal freshness. These hues promote a sense of renewed enthusiasm and vigour. 
Darker purple colours such as plum, mulberry, grape and fig signal luxury and extravagance. These particular hues therefore make for a stunningly vibrant bathroom addition and thoroughly energise the room.
Dark purple also seems to work better when introduced as an accent colour. Once again, when pairing dark purple tones and accents with a scheme like Dark Drama, the effect is undeniably magnificent.

Adding Colour To Your Bathroom Design Creates A Fabulous Vibe

The great thing about vibrant colours is that you don't have to take the risk or go all out on bathroom paint. You also don't have to work on transforming your entire bathroom scheme to create some energy in this room. In fact, brighter colours used in just the right amounts can make for some of the most spectacular dream bathroom designs. 
For more bathroom ideas and bathroom inspiration, take a look at our Rest and Relaxation blog section. With articles ranging from using colour to create a calming bathroom environment to choosing the best bathroom paint, we provide a wealth of guidance to help you make the most of your bathroom.