One way to capture the essence of summer in the bathroom is to introduce bathroom scents. During this season, aromas should be invigorating, and promote a good sense of well-being. Your choices should also set you up for a great day ahead while helping you capture the best of those lighter nights. The Bathroom Showroom suggests several summer scents for bathroom inspiration for this fabulous season.

Recreating the Scents of Summer

Summer scents are zesty, citrusy, fizzy, and fresh. They’re floral and infused with delicate aromas. Soft and inspired by nature, they can be relaxed and calm. Yet, fruity and tropical, they can be vibrant and reminiscent.
Think newly washed linen and flowers that emit powerful scents as you pass by. Think warm summer breezes, and that fresh air after a good rainstorm. 
Whether boasting energy, lifting the spirits, or bringing balance, summer scents promote happiness while aiding sleep after long busy summer days.

The 7 Scents of Summer (One for Every Day of the Week)

1. Apple     

Promoting a fantastic sense of positivity and happiness, apples are a thoroughly refreshing aroma. They’re the perfect scent for extending the freshness of summer.  A crisp and clean aroma, apple can also clear a room and help unblock any negativity. Stimulating the senses, some suggest that apple can balance both the body and mind, thus stimulating the senses. The addition of apple as a scent is even suggested to aid digestion and appetite.

2. Freesia   

Promoting a floral summer scent, freesia is a delicate aroma that boosts mood and that sense of happiness. Replicating everything sweet about summer, this gentle scent enhances a feeling of happiness. This means an instant freshening up of the bathroom. A thoroughly refreshing scent, freesia can also be a strong aroma, making it ideal for those cloudy or rainy summer days. 
With revitalising properties, freesia is said to make us more alert. This works to strengthen our memory, guiding us perfectly through those long busy summer days!

3. Orange 

As well as being a gorgeous smelling scent, orange can also help keep you balanced when things get a little stressed. Used to help reduce anxiety, it can produce a calm environment. The scent of orange also helps in lifting the mood with its zesty and strong aroma. Orange aromas also help reduce pulse rate and stress levels for many people. So, if summer leaves you feeling a little stressed and chaotic, a sweet orange scent can help you maintain a level of control.

4. Pineapple 

The scent of pineapple is a fabulous bathroom aroma. It offers instant relief, lifts the spirits, and reduces fatigue. A tremendous scent and extremely tropical aromatic aroma, the smell of pineapple brings much joy. A pleasantly stimulating aroma, this is an intense choice. Yet, it's one that works so well throughout these months to extend summer celebrations. Creating a fabulous atmosphere in the bathroom, pineapple is a fun scent for this room.

5. Honeysuckle  

With its intense floral scent, this herbaceous aroma brings instant calm to a room. Therefore it’s perfect for creating a soothing environment for the bathroom. It's also a simple way of brightening your day. Adding the scent of honeysuckle works to relieve stress and boosts those low energy levels. Keeping the scent of summer going strong, honeysuckle is a long-lasting scent. Better still, it instantly signals summer and sweet-smelling flowers.

6. Strawberry 

The scent of strawberries is a revitalising addition to the bathroom. Strawberries promote positive thoughts and offer a sense of serenity. A thoroughly happy and fun aroma, strawberry is a sweet, delicious scent that's instantly recognisable. With a garden-fresh unique fragrance, strawberry works on stimulating the senses. This creates a soothing and calm environment. This is perfect for helping you wind down at the end of a busy day and regain your energy.

7. Lemon

Lemon is a fabulous natural scent that offers an instant uplift and is a great mood booster. A most pleasant aroma, the scent of lemon in the bathroom creates a calming atmosphere, thus reducing tension. It also works to alleviate some of the symptoms of anxiety and depression. What's more, during the summer, the scent of lemon can help soothe your throat and help you breathe easier. This makes it  perfect for those suffering from hay fever.

How to Bring the Scent of Summer Into Your Bathroom

The great news about adding scent to the bathroom is that it can be done in a variety of ways. From essential oils to candles, reed diffusers to pot pourri, take a look at our blog on how to use scents for bathroom ambience. This way you extend the summer season, and enjoy its glorious aromas each time you step foot in the bathroom. 
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