When creating an atmospheric bathroom space, there's nothing more inviting than seeing a fabulous selection of candles on display here. The perfect way to either brighten or calm to suit your desired mood, dotting candles around the bathroom creates an instant ambience and helps you get the very best from this environment. 
Here, The Bathroom Showroom suggests some stunning candle types that are perfect for adding to your bathroom space all year round.

Seven of the Best Types of Candles That Work Perfectly in the Bathroom

  • Pillar Candles
Strikingly looking choices, pillar candles are favoured for their creative addition to the room. Though more popularly chosen as cylindrical shapes, they also come in varied shapes, sizes, heights, and indeed colours. Often grouped as centrepieces, pillar candles make wonderful additions to the bathroom as they can stand on their own and thoroughly enhance the mood of this space.
  • Floating Candles
A perfect means of adding a charming and romantic element to the bathroom, floating candles placed in bowls or containers are spectacular candle choices. Ideal as a way of effortlessly creating a romantic centrepiece in the room, floating candles are designed to float on the water's surface while burning. The result is instant elevation and a most sensual candle display.
  • Tealight Candles
For smaller diminutive bathroom candle choices, tealights are the most accessible and trendy of choices. With the ability to dot these all around the bathroom, they’re fantastic lighting candles and are available in a wide range of colours and scents. This means they can match your bathroom decor, contrast with it, or even lend a helping hand by mimicking the colours of the season. As long-burning candle choices, tea-lights are perfect hygge companions.
  • Beeswax Candles
Beeswax is a firm favourite bathroom candle for many thanks to its wonderful healing properties. As a biodegradable candle, this is also a fantastic eco-friendly choice for the bathroom. Promoting a warm golden colour, beeswax candles help to promote a sense of calm and well-being in the bathroom environment. This makes them perfect for relaxing baths and for lending a thoroughly calm ambience to the room when getting ready. Best of all, these bathroom candles don’t emit any smoke when burning, instead acting as a natural air purifier. 
  • Citronella Candles
Though commonly used as a repellent during the warmer months, citronella is an essential oil that emits the most subtle of citrus scents, For this reason, it makes the perfect bathroom candle choice as it offers a boost and instant uplift to the space. Ideal for lighting to kick-start your morning bathroom routine, citronella candles are a refreshing addition but can also work wonders in recreating that feeling of cool summer evenings well into the darker and colder months.
  • Wood Wick Candles
A wood wick candle lends a certain charm to the bathroom through its distinctive cracking sound. When lit, these candle types not only emit a soft glow but they boast a unique sound with their signature crackling. This means an instant cosy and comforting feel. Boasting an even and longer burn, wood wick candles are ideal for the bathroom as they can be trimmed after use to ensure a cleaner burn material. Wood wick candles are also often found in a spectacular selection of decorative jars. 
  • Flameless Candles
Finally, if you’re not quite keen on using flames in the bathroom just yet, then flameless candles ensure you still get the many benefits of candles, albeit in a more controlled manner. Eliminating the safety risk, encouraging a smokeless space, and removing wax dripping, flameless candles are electronic alternatives. Available in a wide selection of sizes, choices, and colours, these are battery-operated candles that continue to offer an inviting warm glow and remain looking fabulously life-like in your bathroom.

The Best Bathroom Candles Complete This Stunning Space

When used safely in this room, bathroom candles are the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom decor and promote wide-ranging beneficial properties. Whether you’re looking to create a hygge bathroom, a spa-like atmosphere, or simply want to maintain mindfulness in this room, there’s a candle type guaranteed to suit all personalities here.  
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