With the mornings a little greyer and the nights drawing in earlier with each passing week, you can definitely tell when winter's in the air! Yet though we’ve said goodbye for now to the summer sun, the winter season can also be a wonderful time, bringing with it much to enjoy.
One of the best ways to embrace the winter season is in the bathroom. When those outside temperatures drop, looking to create a positively relaxing calm bathroom space can help enormously in lifting our spirits throughout this season. 
Here The Bathroom Showroom looks at the popularity of hygge and offers some helpful hygge ideas on recreating it in your very own bathroom.

What Is the Meaning of Hygge?

Hygge is the word used to describe a positive and wellness mood of cosiness, warmth, and contentment. Pronounced as hoo-gah or hue-gah, hygge is an old Norwegian concept that many Danish people build their lifestyle around.

What Is the Hygge Lifestyle?

The hygge lifestyle is a means of bringing joy and beauty to how we live and pursue a sense of happiness. Focusing attention on the small things that really matter, hygge can be used in the home to create a relaxing, comforting, and indulgent way of living, thus helping everyone enjoy the good things in life.

How Do You Create a Hygge Bathroom?

Hygge isn't fussy or expensive, merely a way of appreciating life's simple pleasures. So, it is an inexpensive way of living that can be incorporated into our bathrooms with a minimal amount of cost and indeed fuss to see us through the darker months. 
One of the most important aspects of hygge is creating and setting an ambient atmosphere. This can be so simply done in the bathroom by:
  • Adding many beautiful candles 

When it comes to the hygge way of life and the use of candles, more is definitely better here! Most commonly associated with hygge, candles are the first port of call for instantly soothing and bringing warmth and comfort to the room. Candles offer a radiance that you simply can't create with artificial lighting.
By safely dotting a selection of candles, all different colours, scents, and styles around your bathroom, the glowing light and ambience creates an instant warmer and more inviting atmosphere. A gently burning candle is perfect when taking a relaxing bath but it can also help soothe and calm the mind when you spend some time in this room getting ready.
  • Filling the bathroom with soft textiles

Warm comforting textiles, like bathrobes, fluffy towels, and gorgeously soft bath mats can all add an increased layer of warmth to this room. There's nothing better than getting out of a warm soothing bath and wrapping yourself in a gorgeously soft bathrobe. Likewise, being able to reach for thick, fluffy towels that have been warmed by a heated towel rail makes the experience all the more soothing. 
Ultimately, when stepping out of your bath or shower, being able to step onto a warm floor, whether by a beautiful soft mat or luxurious underfloor heating, helps you maintain that snug feeling for a time afterwards.
  • Bringing the outdoors in

Whether through pine cones collected, sprigs, flowers, or houseplants, adding greenery to the bathroom evokes nature, bringing a much-needed balance of calm. The stark green of plants contrasts stunningly with white ceramic tiles and white bathroom suites, making this a most aesthetically pleasing addition.
By hanging scented plants and flowers over the bathtub or dotting small pots of plants around the room, greeny really does bring a bathroom alive and instantly provides a mood booster.
  • Adding a combination of comforting scents

Hygee makes good use of all the senses, so adding as many scents around the bathroom as possible will ensure a positively uplifting and serene atmosphere each time you step into this room. Whether you get that scent from bathroom candles, reed diffusers, incense sticks, potpourri, or even through the natural cleaning products you use here, scent has tremendously powerful qualities and can really lift the spirits as the winter season sets in.
  • Soaking away your stresses

The penultimate focus of a hygge bathroom is that of the tub and it's here that it’s worth going to town on and creating the most luxurious of escapes. For those perfect hygge evenings, filling the bath with a glorious favourite scented bath soak, adding a bath bomb, and settling down to relax is the most beneficial of ways to truly appreciate the slower pace of life during winter. Better still, invest in your bath space, and try to keep all those essential items, including a book, close to hand, throughout your me-time.
  • Stimulating your senses with a rainfall shower

Hygge is not limited to the evenings or weekends, in fact, a hygge morning routine can prove a most balancing way to start the day calm and collected. A rainfall shower choice like the Grohe Rainshower Smart Control is the perfect way to emulate the most natural of water flows. Recreating that feeling of standing in a glorious warm downpour, rainfall showers work to stimulate the senses and this improves your well-being both in the shower and when you step out of it. 
  • Getting the lighting balance right

As most of us will need to turn to artificial light at some point during the winter season, there's no reason why that light can’t be a more ambient choice. Crucial for helping you get your self-care tasks done, why not select a colour-changing light choice, like the Hib Rhythm, that offers several light choices, meaning you can further create a hygge bathroom experience to suit your mood while still being able to perform practical tasks with ease. 
Best of all, the Hib Rhythm also plays music, thus adding another crucial element of hygge to your bathroom routine which you can benefit from during the winter months.

A Hygge Bathroom Design Is Easier Than You Think

A Hygge bathroom is so simple to create with little expense and minimal fuss required. Yet, the rewards that it offers throughout the darker winter months are endless. 
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