If your bathroom is looking a little tired and worn, you may be considering some bathroom upgrades. As we enter a new year, many find the the idea of refreshing our bathroom appealing. Yet for some of us, this time of the year isn't always great on the finances! But, it’s possible to update your bathroom on a budget.
The Bathroom Showroom offers no less than five easy bathroom updates that won't break the bank.

How Often Should You Update Your Bathroom?

Though there's no one-size-fits-all answer, it's a good idea to update your bathroom when you notice it’s no longer functioning well. Some people like to update their bathroom every three to five years while others consider seven to ten years a better time scale. 
If your budget allows, it’s worth considering updating your bathroom if your fixtures have issues. Yet, you may not be enjoying the look and layout of this space any longer. Some consider updating their bathroom when selling or renting it out. Others may want to keep it in line with current fashions.

How to Update a Bathroom on a Budget

How much you can invest in your bathroom update will be the deciding factor on how often you update. For many of us in a time with rising energy bills and the cost of living increasing, updating a bathroom on a budget is the only way forward.
The key to updating on a budget is to look at what small projects could derive the greatest benefits. This means those that don't need remodelling or tearing out fixtures and fittings.

How to Refresh a Bathroom on a Budget in 5 Easy Steps

1. Improve Your Bathroom Lighting
One of the most important considerations in any bathroom is the lighting choices. Lighting has the power to transform this space. Yet, you can do this inexpensively using one single bathroom light! 
The Hib Ceiling Light offers everything you need to control the light capability in your bathroom. Offering a choice of no less than 12 colours, this light also provides a dimmable feature for the perfect bathroom ambience.
By placing a good quality colour temperature changing light centre of your bathroom, you gain a stunning-looking focal point. Meanwhile, the level of light is brighter, clearer, and able to illuminate your entire room, thus lighting up the rest of your space.
2. Update Your Bathroom Flooring
Another crucial factor when updating a bathroom is your flooring space. Over time, our bathroom floors can become worn, tired, and grubby-looking. Yet, because of their vast area when you refresh this space, you can transform the entire look and indeed feel of your bathroom in an instant. 
Vinyl Click Flooring is an affordable option but one that boasts a hard wear layer and hard-wearing surface, meaning it holds up well to everyday use. One of the easiest to both install and clean, this is available in a choice of tiles or timber, ensuring you get a premium luxury look for a great lower price. With stunning oak, opal, and diamond patterns to select from, bathroom vinyl flooring is a fabulous creative update.
3. Refresh Your Bathroom Tiling
With such a varied and stunning selection of colours and patterns, bathroom tiles are the simplest design features when instantly updating this space. Bringing a fresh new look and feel, they can be used to revamp your bathroom when you don't want to make changes to the entire room. Yet, tiles can also be the most inexpensive, especially when used on just one wall or section.
Decorating your bathroom space with an on-trend tiled splashback is the perfect way to update and refresh a bathroom. Yet, you can also use tiles to create focal points in your bathroom. Whether it’s around the basin, bath, shower, mirror, or when creating a dado rail effect, just a few carefully selected tiles can emphasise all bathroom features, fittings, and fixtures for maximum effect.
4. Upgrade Your Shower Head
As a bathroom fixture that's put through its paces daily, our shower heads are worn down over time. So, you may notice they don't function or perform as well as they should. This often means that they’re a source of irritation for all users when they don't energise or invigorate you anymore. Yet, one of the simplest of tasks, and indeed one that works well on a budget, is to swap out your old shower head for a new one. 
Helping you save water and energy, the Methven Aurajet Aio Handset is an exceptionally modern shower head that doesn’t compromise on performance. This shower head delivers increased spray force and skin contact. At a fantastically low price, it’s a unique and award-winning design that looks stunning while providing a fabulous immersive shower experience for all users.
5. Add a New Bath Screen
Finally, if you’re relying on a shower curtain around your bath to protect the floor when showering, why not consider a bath screen instead? Shower curtains swiftly become grubby and problematic to health over time but they can also stop the flow of the room if they're dark, patterned, or coloured. A clear bath screen not only protects the area around it from water but lets light flow through the space uninterrupted thus opening up the room. 
Frameless bath screens like the iflo Kalhatti Frameless Double Panel are superb additions that boast clear glass-to-glass sealing. This not only helps instantly update the entire area but ultimately ensures an easy clean coating that performs well with daily use.

Practical but Stunningly Effective Cheap Bathroom Updates

There's no time like a new year to perform a bathroom refresh! When looking to update your bathroom cheaply, these bathroom update ideas are the perfect starting points.
If you’re after further help and guidance on updating your bathroom on a budget, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.