As we welcome summer, our bathrooms will be put through their paces a great deal these coming months. The room in the home where we get ready in the morning, and the place where we unwind at the end of the day, many of us will be looking to make the most of our bathroom over the summertime.
But, for some of us, the summer months can also highlight several things we may not like about our bathrooms! Summer can also be the time whereby we realise our bathrooms aren’t functioning as well as they should be. Yet, creating a calm, tranquil and indeed fully-functional bathroom to take you through the many days under the hot sun is actually easier than you think.
Here The Bathroom Showroom offers some bathroom inspiration to help ensure your bathroom remains in good condition throughout the temperamental British summer time.

7 Tips To Help You Get Your Bathroom Summer-Ready

  • Brighten Up Your Bathroom and Mood by Letting in Plentiful Natural Light
Perhaps the simplest and easiest bathroom task in summer is to open up those blinds and window dressings and let the natural light flood this room as much as possible. With lighter mornings and evenings, the bathroom can become a lighter, airy space for all users. An increase in natural light will make the bathroom feel larger. Best of all, lighter bathrooms can help improve our moods, getting our days off to the best start.
  • Control Increased Moisture Levels With a Bathroom Extractor Fan
As many of us leave our bathroom windows open for longer throughout the summertime, these spaces receive a great deal of fresh air in summer. Yet, with more of us using the shower, bath, and basin during this time also, this room will need increased ventilation to keep it healthy and in working order. Not only will a bathroom ventilation fan, like the Hib Breeze, continue to keep damp and mould at bay through summer, but it will also work to draw out heat from this space. If you already have an extractor fan in place, make sure it’s clean so it continues to perform well during the hotter months.
  • Consider Replacing Your Shower Curtain for a Clear Bath Screen
Over time and use, shower curtains can become grubby looking. Not only does this look bad but ultimately it creates a breeding ground for mould. A bath screen in place of a shower curtain has several benefits. Easier to clean and prevent water from reaching the floor, bath screens, especially frameless models like the iflo Kalhatti Frameless Bath Screen, boost light in the bathroom. Allowing light to flow through uninterrupted, a bath screen can open up this space wonderfully during summer. 
  • Extend that Fantastic Warm Summer Rain Experience With a Rain Shower Head
One of the most fabulous ways of extending a beautiful summer’s day long into the evening is to swap your current shower head for a rainfall choice. Rain shower heads, like the Grohe Rainshower Smart Control, promote a soft luxurious spray that’s designed to emulate the sensation of rain falling. Creating a spa-like experience instantly, they’re perfect for stepping into at the end of a hot summer day to relax and rejuvenate the body and mind.
  • Make Sure Your Bathroom Lighting Is in Good Working Order
It can be easy to dismiss bathroom lights during the summer months, especially when they're rarely on throughout the day. Yet, some bathrooms will still need task lighting during the day, especially those vanity areas. Many more people now rely on their bathroom light as a Bluetooth speaker as well, like the Hib Rhythm. And, most of us will continue to use our bathroom lights into the late hours. So, keeping a selection of light bulbs handy for each light fitting means no one has to compromise when using the bathroom to get ready over the summer.
  • Banish The Clutter This Season With Helpful Drawer Units
Summer is often the ideal time for many of us to organise our bathrooms. Yet, if you’re lacking in storage space, then you may find it hard to allocate many of your bathroom products. An ideal solution to this is to look at adding a functional storage solution that works for everyone. Better still, such solutions can lend a valuable helping hand to your bathroom décor. Stunning drawer units, like those from the VitrA Root Collection, can instantly create a more organised space ensuring ease of use throughout the summertime.
  • Keep Nasty Smells at Bay and Check Your Drains
There’s nothing worse than the whiff of smelly drains during the hot weather. Yet, any underlying issues that aren’t checked when it comes to plugholes can swiftly build to create foul-smelling problems in our bathroom drains. So, if you’ve noticed your basin takes longer to empty or your shower water is beginning to gurgle down the drain, you’ll need to take action to stop it from becoming problematic. A mixture of Bicarbonate soda and white vinegar should be enough to clear this. Yet, if you find you need something stronger, then an organic drain cleaner will restore your drains as good as new. 

Keep Your Bathroom Looking Great Through The Summer Months and Beyond

With just a few simple checks and simple but helpful additions, you can ensure that your bathroom remains a healthy and great-looking space, even when those outside temperatures soar.  
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