Though a brand new year brings new hope, with our energy levels at their lowest this time of year, experts often refer to this period as the winter blues. 
Here, The Bathroom Showroom considers the benefits of bathing, offering some relaxing bath ideas that you can put in place into your daily routine, to help you through the winter period.
  • Create a Relaxing and Uplifting Daily Bath Routine

If you can manage to incorporate daily bath time into your routine, then try and aim for the same time every day. For a warm bath to lift your spirits and help you work against low moods, it’s crucial to keep bath times consistent and regular. This way, you’re more likely to continue with your routine as it becomes a habit.
The best time to take a relaxing bath is when it’s peaceful and you’re less likely to be disturbed. You may want to take an early morning bath when the rest of the house is asleep. The many advantages of taking a bath in the morning include waking up more positively and starting the day off fresh, anew, and, of course, in a better mood! 
If you prefer to bathe at night, experts also suggest that a bath before bed can aid your sleeping pattern by stabilising your body temperature. Night-time baths allow you to sit with your thoughts while letting the day slide away. This allows any negativity to dissolve, especially if it’s been a tough day. 
Some people may even enjoy a midday lunchtime bath. This is particularly beneficial if you want to make the most of a surge of natural daylight or need a quick pick-me-up halfway through the day.
  • Have Everything Prepared Before Stepping into the Bath

At this time of the year, it can be easy to find any excuse not to do much! A huge part of feeling low is mustering up enthusiasm. So, for this reason, it’s a fantastic idea to get everything you need for your bath ready and keep it to hand. This gives you no reason to use a lost towel or misplaced bubble bath as an excuse!
Aim to have a supply of towels in your bathroom, folded up and ready to go. Ensure your bath items remain next to the bath and within reach. Also, keep a bathrobe on the back of the door at all times. This way, all you have to do is run your bath and get in it!
Just as important is to set the scene and run the bath to temperature beforehand. The temperature here should be nice and comfortable, slightly hotter than the average body temperature. So, anything between 40℃ and 45℃ will have the optimal effect.
Consider your bathroom surroundings and take bathroom inspiration from wherever you can to create an inviting atmosphere. This can be in the form of candles, scented oils, low lighting, natural lighting, or even by adding music.
Also, keep in mind the temperature of your bathroom. Keep it comfortable but remember that it should ideally be cooler at night and warmer during the day for maximum effect.
The more you can create a simple bath ritual, the easier it will be to access the many hot bath benefits. Then, over time, this process will become natural and a lot easier to manage.
  • Make Your Bath Time All About You!

Finally, make your daily bath time about you! This is where you need to take time out for yourself and ensure time spent in the bath is worry-free. So, consider how best to unwind during this time. 
This can be anything from taking a soothing bath and using this time to read a book. It could be taking advantage of the many benefits of a bubble bath or opting for a couple of relaxing bubble baths over the course of the week. You may want to use this time to perform a skincare routine, listen to a podcast, practise deep breathing techniques or try out a muscle-relaxing bath.
Whatever your choice, consider setting a timer and aiming for a solid 30 minutes of pure uninterrupted ‘me’ time.

The Power of a Daily Bath 

Adding a daily bath into your routine half an hour each day, can work wonders and help lift and improve your mood.
Hopefully, these bathroom ideas have given you an idea of the power of taking a daily bath to help you make it through those winter blues and beyond. 
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