With the festive season upon us, many of us will be getting ready to show off our homes to visitors. But when it comes to the bathroom, this is a space not many of us consider when decorating for the holiday period. Yet, the bathroom is an area that can benefit from the festive touch during this most wonderful time of the year.
Here, The Bathroom Showroom shows you how simple and inexpensive it is to add those small festive touches to your bathroom this season.

Add a Seasonal Scent

With so many ways to bring scent into your bathroom, this is the perfect time for adding a Christmas-type aroma to keep the spirits up and prolong this most exciting of seasons. 
Whether it’s through scented candles, reed diffusers, potpourri, incense sticks, or even essential oils, scent creates a powerful association when used in this environment
From helping you unwind after a long day of Christmas shopping, evoking wonderful memories of Christmas time past, or even providing an instant uplift for the busy times ahead, scent can also boost our spirits as we begin to lose more of the daylight.
Look out for red, green, gold, and cream candles, that add a dash of festive colour as well as scent. During this time of the year, you can also find wonderful glasses, vases, bottles, and candle holders to display your scents. Consider those aromas that instantly conjure up wonderful associations with this exciting season, such as pine, peppermint, cinnamon, sweet orange, and Frankincense. 

Add Seasonal Bath Products 

Soap, gel, and bubble bath choices that link with the festive season are not only comforting to use over the holiday period but can also look fabulously festive when left out on display.
Seasonal bath products are ideal for everyone to use, and a great way to welcome visitors into this room and make the room appealing. Opt for bright red bottles, and those with cute festival designs, or anything depicting what you’d tend to associate with the winter period.
Themed bath bombs, hand washes, and soaps not only add a Christmassy feel but also lend a fun touch for all those visiting and indeed using this room throughout the holidays.
Arrange and display your bath products in their best positions to attract the eye and thus help with the festive theme. This way, not only will they create festive decor but they’ll also attract those visitors looking to take advantage of the seasonal selections available.

Add Festive Materials - Bath Towels, Bath Mats, and Bathrobes

A quick and easy way to add an instant festive feel to any bathroom is to change up your bathroom towels, mats, and bathrobes for a more cheery seasonal choice! This can mean anything from white and cream towels with embroidered snowflakes to co-ordinated bright red and green towels.
With bath towels and mats, this is an inexpensive way to add a little festive cheer here while ensuring guests have plentiful access to comforting accessories in the room. Likewise, for those with a shower curtain, why not consider swapping this out for a fresh one over the season but one that enhances the Christmas feel. This way not only can you add a design that matches the season, but ultimately promotes a clean and new feel to the bathroom for all your visitors. 

Add Festive Lighting and Festive Music

Candles will greatly help add ambient lighting to your bathroom during the festive seasons. But, having access to a fabulous lighting source that offers you a chance of several colours is an even better idea for all users. A main lighting source such as the Hib Rhythm, allows you to work through a selection of colours and find the one to suit. Better still this light choice even allows you to connect via Bluetooth and therefore play a whole stream of Christmas music! Boasting a colour temp changing of 3000 to 6000 k and a dimmable option, you can select from no less than 12 colours here, including that festive vibe of red, green, and blue. This will ensure you get that perfect light and music choice whenever you visit the bathroom during the Christmas period!

Add Festive Greenery

Finally, another quick and easy way to bring an instant festive vibe to your bathroom space is to add a few plants. At this time of the year, you can even look at adding a Christmas Cacti to your bathroom. One of the most stunning displays of colourful tubular flowers, the Schlumbergera blooms just in time for the festive period and makes for the perfect bathroom addition. Best of all, these plants thrive in a humid environment. Positioned pride of place on your bathroom window, this is the plant that keeps giving, meaning your guests can also take a cutting home when the festivities are over.

Make Your Bathroom Festive For Everyone To Use This Season

Creating a festive bathroom can be so simple and doesn't have to cost much. All it takes is an injection of typical Christmas collections and scents and you can encourage a happy and vibrant environment that all users will love spending time in throughout this season. 
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