For those homes with young family members, bathrooms can be a busy environment. Yet, for children, this is a great place to start working on good bathroom habits. By introducing such habits early, children can develop respect for themselves and other members who use this room. Also, good bathroom habits will help them gain independence as they start to use this room unaided. By encouraging good bathroom habits you create a harmonious environment to suit all members.

1. Always Wash Your Hands After Using the Bathroom

After a worldwide pandemic in 2020, hand-washing has become an essential habit for all of us! Yet for many parents, it’s a struggle to get kids to wash their hands after each bathroom visit. 
However, this is one habit that will ensure the good health of all family members who share the same bathroom. Luckily, several bathroom accessories can help with this job.
A great way to remind young children to wash their hands after using the bathroom is to make it a fun activity. This is easily done by positioning a fun-looking soap dispenser on your bathroom basin. Brightly coloured liquid soap is an instant draw for kids, as are brightly coloured soap bottles. 
Even better are those wall-mounted soap dispensers, like those from the Hib range. These are so simple to use and little hands always seem to find their attractive one-push action fascinating.

2. Always Flush the Toilet After Using It

A bugbear for many families with children is how little that toilet gets flushed after young ones have used the room! It’s never the greatest of jobs to do, that of flushing the toilet after someone else has used it before you. So, getting children into the habit of flushing after themselves will ensure harmony among the ranks!
Not only is it a mark of politeness to flush the toilet but it’s also a hygienic thing to do. For very little children who have just finished toilet training, this habit may take a while to learn. But, if you can remind them each time you hear them going to the toilet, it will soon become an instant reaction.

3. Put Things Back in Their Right Place 

If you have several family members using one bathroom, this room can become messy very quickly. So, it's a great idea to get young ones into the habit of tidying up after themselves. 
A great way to encourage responsibility and care for their stuff is by putting things back where they found them. By doing this, kids ensure that adults can locate things and use the bathroom with ease, also! 
Youngsters can be reminded to hang up robes on rails, pick mats and towels off the floor, or put dirty towels into the wash. They can also be shown that everyday items have a designated place and should be put back there after use. This includes toothbrushes, soaps, and toilet rolls. 
If you’re lacking storage space here, consider adding some easy accessible options. This will help children get into the habit of helping out in this room.

4. Be Mindful About Bathroom Resources

There's never been a better time to talk to children about what they can do to help protect the environment. And, this conversation can be easily started by referring to the bathroom.
Here they can be made aware of the importance of conserving water. Remind them to turn off the taps in between brushing their teeth. Also, add in a fun timer to keep showering time reasonable. 
You can also help by showing how not to waste toilet rolls while informing them what’s flushable and what’s not.
Such good bathroom habits will have a wider impact while making youngsters more environmentally friendly long-term. Also, younger members can ensure the bathroom stays fully functional and cost-effective long-term!

5. Stay Safe in the Bathroom

Finally, this room regularly poses many obstacles to young children. So, educating them about safety in the bathroom is paramount. 
By encouraging good bathroom habits early on we can be sure children remain vigilant each time they use this room.
Things to work on here include keeping the bathroom floor dry after they've got out of the bath or shower. Also highlighting the importance of not overfilling the bathroom basin or splashing too much to wet the floor. 
As many floors in this room use bathroom tiles, this can make them slippery surfaces. So, encouraging children to keep the floor dry works at keeping everyone who uses this room safe.

Teaching Children Good Bathroom Habits Early Makes for a Nicer Family Bathroom

By encouraging young ones to use the bathroom safely and properly, we can help them become more responsible. As they grow, this means helping them develop a sense of independence. Also, this ensures they remain respectful of other people's bathrooms when out and about!
Ultimately, good bathroom habits ensure your bathroom remains clean and healthy. This means a room that can be enjoyed by all family members. 
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