The UK is undeniably experiencing some of the hottest temperatures recorded this summer! Because of this, many of us are looking for ways to keep our bathrooms cooler. The bathroom is the most frequently used room in a home, and often a hive of activity. Yet, when the temperature rises outside, this indoor activity is usually increased. So, anything you can do to help cool this room will keep all users calm! The Bathroom Showroom offers advice on keeping your bathroom cool throughout the summer. These simple tips can help you conquer the hotter weather each time summer comes around. So, if you’re looking to beat the heat this summer in the bathroom, read on for a little bathroom inspiration.

5 Summer Cooling Tips For The Bathroom

Bathroom Cooling Tip 1: Keep In Mind The Window Rule

During the hot summer months, there’s a trick to opening and closing windows at the right time to help cool your bathroom. Getting this bit right over the summer will also help with good airflow throughout this room.
Look out for when the sun is on the side of your bathroom and this room is receiving the most direct sunlight. Then each time before it does hit, close your bathroom window.
When the sun eventually moves away and your bathroom isn't receiving any direct sunlight, open the window. This will allow cooler air to circulate in this room.
This applies to the night time when hopefully it starts to cool. So, if possible, keep your bathroom window open overnight to take advantage of the reduced temperature.

Bathroom Cooling Tip 2: Add Summer Window Dressings

Many bathrooms prefer to forgo any window dressings and allow the natural light to flood through instead. This is a great way to encourage and make the most of natural light
But, during the hot summer months, direct sunlight doesn't help keep the room cool. Yet, it's possible to add some temporary solutions here to beat the heat during summer. 
By adding a cover to your bathroom window you can keep this closed when the sun is directly shining on it. This is more effective if you close the cover early on and sometime before the sun starts to hit your bathroom.
Blinds, shutters, and curtains can all help deflect the sun when closed and therefore stop it from hitting the room directly. Even better are those bathroom-friendly choices including reflective blinds, black-out curtains, and tinted window film. 
These will all help to reduce the temperature of the bathroom. And, they work better at keeping the room cooler than it would be without such covers.

Bathroom Cooling Tip 3: Make Sure Your Extractor Fan Is in Good Condition

We tend to think of bathroom exhaust fans as simply removing moisture from the air. But, though it’s their main function, they’re also effective at removing heat. 
So, switch the fan on a little earlier than usual before showering. Then, leave it on for a little longer afterwards for better results. This can help the heat disperse faster from this room during the summer months. 
A good quality fan will also help your bathroom cool down much quicker. This is especially so if the shower is used continually first thing in the morning or last thing at night. 
So, make sure your extractor fan is checked and maintained regularly. This will ensure it can keep up with the usage throughout the summer months.

Bathroom Cooling Tip 4: Keep Your Bathroom Door Open When Not Using This Room

By keeping your bathroom door open, you allow air to circulate throughout the room. As some bathrooms are smaller rooms, keeping this room shut up for long periods of time can make it overly stuffy. Yet, if you can keep the door open, you allow the air from the rest of your home to circulate into and around the bathroom.
Also, if you keep your bathroom door open at the same time as opening your bathroom window, you can further improve the air circulation in both your bathroom and your home too.  

Bathroom Cooling Tip 5: Go For Colder and Shorter Showers

Understandably many of us will want to stay in the shower for longer than usual during hot weather. But, the longer you shower, the more steam you’ll produce in this room. This instantly increases the temperature in this room at a time when you ideally want to lower it.
Devices such as timers can help you get into the habit of reducing your showering time during summer.
Likewise, if you can reduce the temperature of your showers during the summer, you can help cool down the bathroom. Cooler water creates less steam while cold water creates none!
One of the best ways to try this tip out is to reduce the temperature gradually each time you have a shower. This way you can give your body time to adjust comfortably to the changes in temperature.

Keep Your Bathroom Cooler Throughout the Summer Season

Creating and maintaining a cooler bathroom space can help UK bathrooms get through the long hot summer months. By following these few simple tips, it's possible to create an environment that everyone can continue using in comfort, even when those outside temperatures continue to rise!
For more bathroom ideas and bathroom inspiration, take a look at our Rest and Relaxation blog section. Or, if you’re looking for further help on designing a cooler bathroom, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.