As we welcome back summer, is your bathroom summer ready? There's nothing better than lighter nights and mornings to lift the mood. Having the natural light flood through our homes is an instant mood changer. Yet, many UK bathrooms have been hibernating through the dark winter months. As a result, they're not quite ready to embrace the summer just yet! But, you don’t have to spend a fortune to update and refresh this room. Just a few simple touches are all it needs to whip your bathroom into shape. The Bathroom Showroom offers quick bathroom ideas to get this room summer-ready.

8 Steps to a Great-Looking Summer-Ready Bathroom

  • Start By Decluttering

Decluttering and getting rid of stuff creates a lighter and brighter bathroom. Many bathrooms accumulate products that no longer serve a purpose. Yet, they take up room in our drawers, cabinets, and on our countertops. Take some time to go through these places and get rid of such things to make space. Adding drawer organisers here, like those in our iflo Serino wall-hung units, help you get organised. Freeing up room can help keep your bathroom in good shape throughout summer. 
  • Perform a Deep Clean
Once you've got rid of the clutter you'll be able to better see what areas need a clean-up. Usually, it’s when those first rays of sunshine hit the bathroom that dust and dirt show up! 
Deep cleaning your bathroom will energise it for the new season. Work on wiping down all areas of the room using a gentle microfibre cloth to cleanse and freshen.  A thoroughly cleaned bathroom will ensure it both looks good and continues to work well throughout the warmer months. 
  • Get All Those Odd Jobs Done
Whether it's grouting, sealing, replacing grubby tiles, or fixing leaky taps and showerheads. Now's a good time to tend to those niggly but important odd jobs. Before the summer gets underway, check on your bathroom fan and open up the air vents. Ensure the drains and sinks are clear. This will help your bathroom cope with those long hot summer months ahead.  
  • Naturally Air Your Bathroom
Whenever possible, let in as much fresh air as you can into your bathroom. A good dose of fresh air makes everyone feel a little better. Plus, there's nothing like welcoming the smell of summer into the room. From that freshness of early morning to a cool breeze late at night. Make the most of the warmer summer weather and try naturally drying out and freshening up your bathroom. A good supply of fresh air will also work wonders in lifting your mood.
  • Let in the Natural Light 
Another mood booster is natural light, which is in abundance during the summer. Encouraging as much natural light can instantly lift our moods. During winter, many of us use artificial lighting in our bathrooms. So, when those longer, lighter hours arrive, it's time to make the most of them. Think of how you can increase the natural lighting levels in this room. Start by clearing the window areas and pulling back the blinds. Position your mirrors for light to bounce off them, and consider clear shower screens. This will allow the light to flow effortlessly.
  • Bring in the Beauty of Nature
A popular trend in the world of bathrooms is adding several lush-green plants. Bringing the outdoors in, there's no reason why the garden should have all the fun. Adding flowering plants to the bathroom means you bask in their fragrance and beauty throughout the summer. We’ve talked on the blog before about the best bathroom plants for adding instant greenery. But, if you're not ready for plants, bowls of fragranced-infused pot-pourri will work just as well.
  • Replace Worn-Looking Bath Towels and Bath Sets
If your bath towels and bath sets are looking a bit worse for wear, invest in a brand-new set for the summer. With an amazing ability to transform an area in quick time, clean new sets instantly signal freshness. Neutral colours like white and pastels are perfect light additions during summer. By making a few changes when washing bath towels, you can ensure they remain looking as good as new for longer. 
  • Add Some Summer Scents
With so many ways to add scent to your bathroom, an aroma related to summer ensures great memories. Scent is powerful and another fantastic mood lifter. It also works effortlessly to extend the summer into the bathroom. Pleasant aromas used in this room can invigorate and evoke fantastic moods at whatever time of the day. Create a crisp, clean environment using tropical and citrus scents that embrace this time of year.

Just a Little Bathroom Inspiration Goes a Long Way 

Give yourself the bathroom that you deserve this summer and make it a room you want to be in and use all summer round. With just a little TLC and a few quick improvements, you can get your bathroom summer-ready and looking fab in no time.
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