For a simple but thoroughly inviting bathroom style, a Scandi bathroom is an immensely popular choice for many homes. A common bathroom trend for several years now, a Scandi interior design continues to inspire homeowners in 2023. 
Taking a huge dose of inspiration from the mesmerising Nordic Region, a Scandinavian-style space can be replicated in every home with ease. 
Here, The Bathroom Showroom shows you how easy it is to get the Scandi look in your own bathroom.

Who Invented Scandi?

The Scandinavian design, or what we now refer to as the Scandi Design, was created at the beginning of the 20th century. In between World War One and Two, a trend for functionality, modernism, and simplicity was beginning to emerge. Many products, designers, and companies were becoming shaped by this look. 
So, by the 1950s, the Scandinavian look had become an option for many homeowners looking to share in such innovation from the five leading Nordic countries at the time, including Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, and Finland.

What’s a Scandi-Style Bathroom?

A Scandi bathroom fantastically blends clean, modern lines with soft, warm colour palettes. The elements of the Scandi style are its simplicity and minimalism, cleverly combined with the perfect choice of bathroom furniture, tiles, and accessories for maximum impact. The result is a design that never dates, looks superb in every home, and ultimately combines beauty with increased functionality. 

The Key Themes of a Scandi Interior

  • A minimalist colour palette consisting of soft warm hues
  • Addition of a single bold accent colour 
  • Clean lines and modern execution
  • Floating furniture
  • A spacious and uncluttered environment
  • Maximum natural lighting and multiple light sources
  • Earthy warm wood tones for naturally inspired pieces
  • Improved functionality throughout

How Do I Get The Scandi Look?

Keep Your Warm Colour Palette to a Minimum

The Scandi colour palette consists of pale but warm minimalist colours that enhance the simplicity of this scheme. The key here is to opt for a neutral and monochromatic selection, so sage, grey-blue, plush pink, tan, and warm white with an accent of pop colour to finish. 
Scandi colours are all about recreating those colours that are rooted in nature, thus encouraging a sense of calm and balance. The most organic hues here can promote vitality in this space without it being chaotic. What’s more, a single bold accent colour, such as black, adds a spectacular finish to this colour scheme, balancing it perfectly to recreate that modernity. 

Add Floating Furniture to a Scandi Bathroom Suite 

Inserting a large dose of simplicity, floating furniture plays a crucial role in aiding a Scandi bathroom design. By adding wall-hung units including basins, toilets, and units, you can open up the room and encourage the light to flow freely all around. 
Wall-hung units like those from iflo Rhea, and iflo Serino, are slimline and perfectly complement the Scandi look. These boost those clean lines that are so important in this scheme while adding a contemporary feel throughout. Wall-hung units also work hard to create a sense of illusion increasing the bathroom space.
Best of all, wall-hung units remain the most practical and functional of choices, as they make for an easy cleaning process while encouraging a clutter-free space.

Combine Natural Lighting With Plentiful Soft Lighting Sources

As lighting is a huge part of the Scandi design, creative lighting choices that bring this design to life work superbly here. Better still, having a selection of multiple lighting sources helps to enhance the Scandi style. The key to success here is providing as much light as possible without creating a harsh atmosphere in the process. The best lights for a Scandi bathroom are simple, soft, and with no sharp edges. 
A main light source in the form of a central ceiling light, like the Summit Hib Pendant Light is an excellent place to start. This offers an LED light choice but one which is warm and mellow and also looks stunning with its gentle glass pendant casing. 
You can then add additional lighting through a mirror, like the Spa Ion, or through an ultra-slim ceiling or wall light like those from the 4Lite range. 

Utilise Stunning Soft and Natural Tile Selections

Finally, simple but thoroughly stylish tiles will add a fabulous finishing touch to a Scandi bathroom design. Those bathroom tiles with natural colours and muted tones or clean designs with soft muted colours are ideal for this look. 
Striking pebble mosaic tiles like Riverstone add a unique natural texture while natural-looking porcelain tiles like Rockingham are contemporary distressed wood effect choices. 
Scandi bathroom tiles can also include those marble effect pieces that add a dose of elegance. From Beta to Lux Marble, marble tiles with a semi-gloss finish promote a subtle sheen that glimmers in the light. This helps to open up the room to encourage a brighter and most inviting lighter space.

Get the Scandi Bathroom Trend Using These Key Scandi Bathroom Ideas

With such readily accessible Scandi bathroom ideas, it’s so easy to recreate your own Scandi bathroom design.
A bathroom design that never dates, the Scandi look is a superb way of creating the most simplest and functional of bathroom spaces and one that all members of the home can greatly benefit from.
If you’re looking to design a Scandi bathroom, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.