When it comes to shower set-ups, we all have different needs. From families to couples, small bathrooms to big ones, there are many ideal solutions. You may be looking for some ideas to get you started. We recommend beginning your search by working from your current personal circumstances. Here we consider four popular shower set-ups. From family-friendly to digitally-led, The Bathroom Showroom offers a little bathroom inspiration.

Choose the Best Shower For Your Bathroom

  • A Family-Friendly Shower Set-Up
For busy family bathrooms, an over-bath shower is a perfect solution. These showers are incredibly practical when you have younger children. That's why they remain popular in many heavy-traffic households.
An over-bath shower, like the Mira Adept, has thermostatic temperature control. This makes it safer for use with children as it reduces the risk of scalding. With easier to control features, over-bath showers ensure powerful performance. 
These shower set-ups are handy when it comes to washing toddlers and babies. They also let you quickly wash your hair without getting in the shower.  
Modern mixer showers perfectly fit many bathroom designs. They offer an exposed choice which allows for more resilience in using the showerhead. Yet, you may not be concerned about taking the showerhead off the wall. If so, a concealed choice will provide a more refined look. 
Overall, over-bath showers allow you to install a shower while keeping the bath. This means you don't have to compromise or buy both fixtures if your room is small. Yet, another idea could be a shower bath. This style, like the iflo Rennes or iflo Metz, would give you the best of bathing and showering.
  • A Space-Saving Shower Set-Up
A shower enclosure could be a better choice for bathrooms with limited space. Shower enclosures make the most of alcoves, tight corners, and available space. 
The iflo Kilfane shower enclosure range offers several design types to help with small bathroom ideas. Whether a sliding door or quad design, these are stunning frameless choices. 
Then, when it comes to adding a shower choice, the decision is up to you. If you have to go small on the enclosure, there's no reason you can't go big on your shower choice!
A beautiful traditional shower mixer creates a statement piece. It will also ensure your bathroom stays looking on-trend. 
The iflo Wetherley boasts an adjustable riser rail height that you can position to suit. As well as a practical choice for an enclosure, this thermostatic mixer shower also looks fabulous. This is thanks to its high-grade chrome finishing. 
What's more, with a shower enclosure, you can add some design flair to this section. One way to do this is through funky-looking on-trend tiles. Coupled with a frameless shower door, you'll instantly draw attention to this area of your smaller bathroom.
  • A Spa-Style Shower Set-Up
Are you looking for the ultimate spa-like set up in your bathroom? Then a shower choice that oozes relaxation is perfect when creating a sanctuary. 
The goal is to select a shower set-up that provides an immersive experience. Yet, it should also look most luxurious to complete the high-end spa look. This is where you can go to town and treat yourself.
Choose a Mix & Match Shower, like the iflo Mix & Match. This will let you tailor the shower to your personal preference. 
The iflo shower has a selection of showerheads, including square, round, and drenchers. There are also separate controls for flow and temperatures. Ultimately, this shower set-up encourages a spectacular waterfall effect. The result is a shower choice with immense calming benefits for all users. 
The chrome Abode Mix & Match wall-mounted waterfall is also a charming piece. A statement shower, this can be configured to run the spray and waterfall elements as one. This means offering a perfect spa-like feel that you'll never want to leave!
  • A Digital Shower Set-Up
Finally, a digital shower may be ideal if you're looking to take your showering set-up to the next level. 
Digital showers are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners. This is due to more of us wanting to gain control over our showering experience. These shower set-ups allow you to guide both temperature and water flow using a simple-to-use controller.
Such modern bathroom ideas, digital showers provide an immersive showering session for all members.
The award-winning Mira Mode digital shower offers maximum coverage. It can also be tailored to ensure a sensational performance. This shower lets you use the fabulous free app. So, you get full control of shower duration, maximum temperature settings, and spray choice to suit. You can even set the temperature ahead of getting in the shower. Thus you cut that frustrating time waiting for the water to heat up before you step in. 
Streamlined and modern, digital shower set-ups are flawlessly designed. So, they provide a most futuristic look and style to the shower area.

Find Your Perfect Shower Set-Up Using These Practical Bathroom Ideas

When buying a shower it’s good to think about the set-up that would suit your circumstances best before making that final decision. For further information on our shower ranges, check out our valuable shower buying guide.
If you're looking for help choosing the best shower set-up, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.