When planning a new bathroom, you’ll want to be sure to make the most of your available space. Getting your bathroom design right the first time ensures you keep both costs and stress levels low! A great way of doing this is to steer clear of typical bathroom design mistakes that some people tend to make. A two-part feature, here The Bathroom Showroom shares five of the most common mistakes made by UK bathrooms. We also offer advice and show you how to avoid them.
1. Installing Just One Light Source
A common bathroom lighting mistake is to leave light solutions until last or consider them an afterthought. Over time, this often leads to insufficient lighting. Poor lighting can not only affect the look of your final design, but it’s also not practical for daily use. 
A well-thought-out lighting scheme considered at the very beginning of the planning stage is crucial. This is because you may need different areas of the bathroom to incorporate several lighting fixtures. 
A fabulous bathroom design will include multi-functional decorative lighting. This should ideally be in the form of feature lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. So, as well as your central light source, consider the vanity area and shower area. Also look at any potential  dark areas that may need highlighting. 
By putting them into your design at the very beginning it’s easier to add in more lights to suit. It will also save you time and money as you won't need to rewire afterwards.
2. Installing the Wrong Kind of Flooring
A common bathroom flooring mistake is selecting flooring that is not practical for the conditions. This often means an increased risk of slipping or damage in a short time. A bathroom has to contend with huge everyday floor traffic. That’s alongside often harsh chemicals being frequently used. Therefore, your flooring choice should be hard-wearing. 
A good combination of hard-wearing and practical flooring instantly lifts a fabulous bathroom design. This is because it caters to all users, promotes a safe surface, and is easily cleaned and cared for. 
Flooring choices that use bathroom tiles can be fun, promoting a stunning look that fully complements your bathroom design. From varied patterns and colours to bold designs or subtle designs there’s so much to suit. 
Porcelain tiles for flooring are the perfect way to inject your personality into this room. Porcelain is a hard-wearing tile choice that is also stain-resistant. Look for slip-resistant tiles with a textured finish and R11 rating, like Arkety, for extra safety here.
3. Installing the Wrong Size of Bath
A recurring common bathroom mistake is buying a bath that isn't appropriate for the size of the bathroom. This usually stems from not measuring either the space or the bath before purchasing! 
Often a centrepiece in a bathroom, a bath needs to be considered carefully beforehand. As well as making sure it fits, you'll need space to bring a bath into your home. Plus, you’ll need ample space to manoeuvre around it in the room. There’s also the subject of whether you have a strong enough floor structure to accommodate the bath once it's full of water!
For smaller bath choices, back-to-wall baths, like the iflo Toa, shower baths, and some slipper baths like the iflo Herita Slipper, are ideal. Whereas, for those larger bathrooms, freestanding baths, like the Heritage Buckingham, that can be placed centrally can make the best of this larger space. 
As a new bath is a big expense, it’s worth noting your room and home’s measurements before making that final purchase.
4. Installing a Shower Without Knowing Your Water Pressure
When purchasing a new shower, many people install this without taking an interest in their water pressure type. Yet, if you don’t have a compatible water system, your shower choice may not be as effective as you’d like.  
Matching your shower to your water pressure ensures a fabulous showering experience. This will give you optimal water flow and overall greater performance
Generally, there are three types of water pressure in our homes. These include a low pressure, which is gravity fed. Then there is a high pressure which is a combi-boiler, and a high pressure which is a pumped system. 
The Bathroom Showroom states clearly on all showers what type of pressure system they work with. This helps you get the right model for your bathroom. 
For example, the Abode Mix & Match Shower is suitable for both high and low-pressure bathrooms. Whereas the Grohe Thermostatic Shower is more suited to high-pressure systems.
The best shower system for your bathroom ensures a comfortable showering experience from the very start.
5. Installing the Wrong Type of Shower Tray 
Finally, and yet another common shower design mistake, is that of buying the wrong type of shower tray
Firstly, it’s a good idea to measure your shower and determine the size of the tray needed to fill that space. Not all showers are the same. So, there are a variety of shaped trays to suit including rectangles, squares, quads, and offset quads. By selecting the right size of tray, you ensure you don't have to cut it to size. 
Another important factor when choosing a shower tray though is selecting an anti-slip coating option. This is especially important with younger and elderly users as well those with mobility issues. 
Our iflo Trays offer anti-slip options that boast an anti-slip texture to combat slippery surfaces. This ensures both a safer and more comfortable showering experience. The Mira Flight Safe shower trays are also finished with an anti-slip safe coating.

Keeping Your Dream Bathroom Design Beautiful and Functional 

By taking note of these common bathroom design mistakes to avoid, you can make the most of your bathroom space. This way you ensure a spectacular-looking room that remains efficient and functional for many years to come. 
If you want to avoid making similar mistakes, book an appointment with The Bathroom Showroom. Experts in all things bathrooms, we can help turn your dream bathroom into a reality.